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Discussion in 'General' started by NCToker, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. I just recently made myself a little smoking spot, it was oringinally a crawl space in my room, but i put a hinge on the board covering it, put a few feather matresss and a cover on the floor, a tv and VCR and Nintendo's, a few circular fans incase it gets hot. I decorated the space with Rasta stuff, i also have an array of axe scents and all your smoking supplies. Do any of you have a room like this, if so describe it, and or post pictures

  2. Woah sounds like an awsome room. My room is my usual smoke spot, i have a lot of inscence and have some weed and my pipe...thats all i need to be happy :D
  3. my special spots out in the forest by my crib.....or, its a creek, but we call it the forest......

    its a small island surrounded by a moat....i call it Mike Island....named after my late homie,......
  4. nothing special.. it's just my bedroom.. stereo, posters, weed, a window, that's all i need.. but an NES would be off the wall.. just playing old classic while you're high that would be amazing
  5. Kickass room NCToker, try to get some pics! :)

    The place me and my freinds usualy smoke is one of my freinds room. Its damn big. About the size of a class room. Kickass stero setup, bathroom, lots of band posters, 4 guitars, TV, PS2, L couch. The works. :)

    My room is nothing special. Just my Pc, TV, Xbox, surround sound, bed, 2 windows, and the mighty famous...Kramer poster. :)
  6. i have a few places that i go and smoke out at. one being this kick ass park a few houses away from my house. i swear i wish i had play grounds like it when i was a kid! but no one ever goes down there and it has a great ambiance; it brings the child out of you and you can enjoy every moment of your high just actin goofy.

    another spot would be my bed room of course. who doesnt smoke in their room? my room is all decked out in an asian style. i have buddha statues and antique artifacts all over. its sort of like the meditation room... and its great to meditate or do yoga when youre high. its like an extra boost of highness!

    the thrid place is the entertainment room. i have four 4' speakers (one in each corner) for our stereo system. we got a T.V. and the whole nine yards that come with that. all kinds of psychadelic and band posters... from Korn, Disturbed, Stained, Pink Floyd, and a few other various ones that i dont really know much of (my moms addition). so yeah... those are the kick it spots.

  7. dude the crawlspace idea is fuckin sweet. i wish i could change my crawlspace into one, but its so nasty. got like mice turds and dead mice and dead snakes and dust and mold and old boxes of shit. would take a long time to clean that shit out.
  8. we usualy blaze in my room, i have emulators for NES and some phatass joypads. Two couches, lots of christmas lights, and lots of art on the walls.
  9. I got a window a shit load of incence, some weed and a mini frindge to keep munchies in.
  10. anyone got any suggestions for an ultimate smoke room? I might even post some pics of my pad.

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