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Smoking Room (Ideas Needed)

Discussion in 'General' started by catch22, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Well one of my roommates moved out so me and my other roommate have an empty room. I want to make this empty room into our smoking room so I need some ideas in how to decorate it. Posters, blacklights, etc.
  2. In my comp/smoke room I want to paint the wall a deep red. Then I want a bunch of abstract shapes in colors of black and dark blue. I seen it on a home decor show the wife was watching. Looked tight but im too busy lately.

    As far as black lights go. I really do not like them. =/
  3. I can't paint the walls in my apartment. I wish I could though I would get some crazy abstract work done :cool:
  4. paint the walls like blackish purple, and put up a shitload of cool lookin posters of bands u listen to. Then put in like a black light, maybe a couple neon green lights, some small lamps. Put in a futon, and a recliner or somethin. oh also ya gotta get a mini-fridge and stock it up :). also if u can afford it, like put in a surround sound speaker system, and put a tv in the room. and walla, u got ur smokin room. idk, just some ideas i would use if i ever had a smoking room.
  5. lots of posters... maybe an xbox setup or something..

    i just made a sick poster type thing for my place by putting a bunch of my favorite cd booklets (like the cd album art on the cover) in a big frame it came out really cool... idk just an idea.
  6. Make the entire floor a mattress like material, cool to sit down on and no broken pieces. Shit load of cool posters. Get a sweet couch or some kinda of cool seating. Good stereo, get some trippy artwork on the ceiling...idk what else.
  7. I have one of those giant pictures of a beach, that lights up and the water moves.
    Its great to stare at while tripping or just stoned out of your mind.
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    Strobe lights, salvador dali posters, andy warhol posters, bean bag chairs, one of those tables that are very close to the ground, a record player. I cant remember what your post said but what i plan to do when i get a smoking room is just paint it white and spray paint a bunch of stencils of everything you like all around the room.

    shag carpeting deffinetly.

    A beer fridge.

    Edit: just read that you cant paint the walls in your appartment. I would suggest covering your walls with white paper. HUGE white paper so there is no spaces and then you can do whatever you want and just tear it down when you have to or when you get sick of it. Think of it as a room sized poster.
  9. Get some cool posters, lights, bean bags, a good stero, tv, video games, etc.
  10. Pool table, black leather wraparound couch, bigscreen tv with xbox 360, black paint on walls with blackout curtains, hella blacklights and uv sensitive posters.
  11. blacklights some cool blacklight posters to go with it a tv and guitar hero or rock band haha
  12. Get a lot of ash trays. It isn't a smoking room if you don't always have an ash tray within arm's reach. :smoking:
  13. make it comfortable and ery pleasing to the eye with lots of pictures and posters n what not and a mini fridge indeed and everything that u like to do while yoour stoned
  14. if you can my local headshop had a glow in the dark bong for like 3 weeks i was saving up and when i finally had the money it was gone but try and find one then keep the lights off and get blacklights and get sick lights when you do whatever you do to it put some pics up
  15. forget a smoking room, make it a grow room
  16. huge tv and a xbox setup with a mini fridge and an awesome couch
  17. One word: Bean bags!!!!!
  18. have a professional come in and paint one wall as a sunset with palm trees and shit like franks office in scarface. then get lava lamps and shit and a bunch of bongs and hookahs everywhere
  19. ok so i think ill be the first one to be realistic here.

    step one go to stealth hydro. com and buy as many hydroplonics systems as u can fit in that room

    step 2 buy 2 ounces of mids and pick out all the seeds

    step 3 plant seeds in hydro system.

    step 4 wait for weed to grow.

    step 5 give me weed because i came up with the idea:):):):smoking:
  20. if you could get some sort of cool colored fabric to cover the walls, then put a black light up and put some blacklight posters on the walls over the fabric. have some bean bags, maybe one. and a lazy boy and a 2 man couch and some shelves along the wall wherever, to put smoking accessories and shit but make the most of the space.

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