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Smoking roaches

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thekeeftheif, May 24, 2010.

  1. When you smoke your roaches do you take the weed out of the paper or just throw the roach into a pipe and smoke it? I've done both before, but I had a friend recently tell me to smoke them with the paper on "to get all of the THC." >.>

    I can see the logic in this slightly... but not really. So I guess is smoking the paper with the roached weed a good way to get "all the THC" ?
  2. I've done both personally, i smoke it without the paper, but i mean you could get high off just smoking the paper w/o weed because of all the resin. It'd be harsh though.
  3. Roach in pipe=Best of both worlds
  4. Yeah that's what I am wondering. So there IS resin on the paper that you are smoking when you smoke the roached weed with the paper on? If so... good enough reason to keep the paper on for me :smoking:
  5. yes there is, but 1, it takes longer to burn, 2, its harsh, 3, smells stronger than just bud.
  6. Ive always jus thrown it into the bowl but thats for lack of thinking to take the paper off but kinda seems like a hasle if ya ask me so i say jus smoke it all up.:smoke:

  7. Do this
  8. I don't know about all that thc stuff. But I know you do get all of the paper!
  9. Hey, I say if that tiny bit of paper left on a roach and a bit of resin are going to get you "over the top" then go for ! and more power to you !! :eek:

    Otherwise , I say ditch the paper , and smoke whats left of the weed.

  10. this + jazz hands
  11. I like to rip it up and just pack all of it. I find it gets me pretty high and leaves a nice nicotine buzz.

  12. this.
  13. I just put it in with the paper and all and smoke all of it and it gets me high. I actually have two little ones with me, hmmmm. Should toke up tonight. Maybe.
  14. Unless the roach is falling apart, I say stick the whole thing in a one-hitter and enjoy!
  15. Well if you can, save enough for a clip and just save a bunch of those. Smoke some clips you'll get baked, Or just roll a clip joint. You get very high. :p
  16. Medical hemostats make the best roach clips and cost $1.50 on ebay , if you dont use ebay an alligater clip does the same thing.With a little thought a roachclip can be created with any number of things.The roach burns very slow and plenty of hits.
  17. Roaches are awesome to be honest. Hit harsh, and pretty much does it for me. If we have a pipe with us, we'll throw it in after a rotation, but if not, we'll smoke it. Me and my buddy always say if you're hittin it, I'm hittin it.

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