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Smoking resin

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lokio, May 26, 2010.

  1. He'll yea scrape the he'll out of it..res always works and burns forever.
  2. so you admit that you have also smoked this mythical substance called "resin" that apparently stoners now a days are scared of smokin... i swear you people bein little wimps about resin would catch so much shit if they were from my area... and calling people fiends for smoking resin?! hahaha it's not like it's a totally different substance, it's still just THC
  3. Smoke that shit, I've never met a single person who doesn't do it regularly, but maybe that's just regional. lol
  4. I love resin when I'm broke.

    Free THC is the way I think of it.

    There are a few people I know who hate it, but it's their loss.
  5. Res hits do the trick when done right
  6. fuck yeah man when me and my friends were like 17 we used to scrape that shit, hated it every time and realized one day that its just fucking horrible, i learned my lesson, theres no describing the horrid taste it puts off its pretty bad..

    its got some THC but not much, i mean, you already burned most of the THC when u burned the herb.

    if you dont mind the mind boggling horrid taste and the disgusting stain it leaves on your pipe and fingers (couldnt get that shit off with dish soap)

    never will i relive the resin smoking experience, its just not worth it to me.

    keep smokin that resin
  7. i dont even smoke my roaches i would never touch res
  8. im wondering what your doing in the seasoned tokers if you say that resin tastes like chronic.

    like anything that burns tastes the

    chronic tastes like candy. resin tastes like dog shit.

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