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smoking resin?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by drovolcom239, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I just got done with smoking some resin for the first time in almost a year. I was wondering how bad is resin for you?
  2. Desperate times eh?
  3. Not really just haven't done it in a while and had none so I said what the hell ill do it
  4. I did a few days ago, did you get high
  5. I got blitzed
  6. I bought from Dan yesterday i can't smoke it though because of the step mom

  7. It's definitely worse for your lungs, but it doesn't pose any serious health risks. I've done a little research on it, however all resin is is the crap that is left behind; essentially waste.

    It's like eating shit. :D
  8. shit cover in THC :)

  9. Except not.
  10. There's thc in resin
  11. I smoke resin whenever i'm dry, I don't mind the taste at all and it gets me ripped so I don't see what peoples problems are with it.
  12. Gotta do what you gotta do

    Resin highs aren't as satisfying as bud highs imo
  13. Yea bud has def more thc
  14. There is a lot of THC in resin, it is produced by the buds' resin glands. That gunky black stuff on the inside of the pipe is not resin, it's more akin to tar. Yes it can get you high but I've gotten to the point I just wash that stuff out and throw it away. The high from it makes me feel grimy, I used to get headaches and it makes my throat produce phlegm. Not gonna hate on anyone for smoking it but I would advise against smoking it regularly.
  15. always everytime the high i get off resin is totally different than cannabis. it almost feels more like smoke spice or k2

  16. Straight up and I agree. However, if you've got enough dank resin it can get one pretty ripped.

    I personally don't have any problems with it, obviously.

    lol :bongin:
  17. Yeah not a huge fan of the resin. Don't mind if others smoke it though. Gets you stoned as fuck, the taste just ruins it. Not to mention you're smoking basically tar and ash with minor amounts of intact cannabinoids.
  18. It's fine as long as the resin came from decent bud.. I'm not going to go smoke it if I don't have to but I do like to save some up for hard times
  19. I haven't smoked any for a year or two now but I used to always scrape my pipe for some whenever I'd run out. Hasn't done me any damage though I wouldn't be smoking it often.

    Resin highs were pretty inconsistent for me sometimes they'd be awesome sometimes they'd be decent and other times they'd be lame. The process of smoking it is horrible though especially through a pipe.
  20. I don't generally like to smoke it, but I do save up a good amount for dry spells. The high is weird, and it can give me headaches if I'm not careful, but I've had a few really enjoyable resins highs. I guess it just depends on the bud.

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