Smoking resin gets me higher

Discussion in 'General' started by Pyromanic, May 13, 2011.

  1. ... than the weed it originated from. Why is this? I feel like I'm already coming down after 45 minutes. Cheap high, yes. Effective? Yes. I am baked, I come in peace.
  2. placebo....? :confused:

  3. [​IMG]
  4. you have fun, i'll just back another bowl..
  5. You probably just smoked more resin then you do herb and caught a harder buzz, resin has THC but as has been stated on this site numerous times its some nasty stuff for your lungs, anyways hope you enjoyed your smoke:smoke:
  6. Stuff is really bad for your lungs, I advise against it.

    But who the fuck am I??
  7. Resin is a god send when a dry spell hits, i heard you can vape resin while its still in the bowl by heating the bottom of it up, i havent tried it, but im gonna eventually.
  8. Resin is pretty much low quality hash.
  9. and by low quality hash he means all of the bad stuff left with minimal good stuff.

    so we'll call it anti-hash
  10. and a kief topped bowl of dank gets me higher than resin
  11. lol i remember when i had to do that. it was a long time ago tho
  12. People hate on resin a lot but i see where you are coming from OP. I smoke good weed and always have a fair amount of it but that doesn't mean that the area i live in is immune to drought. Hedi resin FTW.

    *idc if it is bad for me. I smoke cigs, weed, and hooka along with resin... plus i don't worry about my early twenties health.*
  13. you will when you get cancer
  14. the only reason for what your saying that I can fathom is that you've been smoking such schwag that even resin seems to get you higher lol.

    Trust me bro, you won't be wanting to smoke resin after smoking some high grade white widow.

    that is all
  15. sour d mids is always my faves

  16. You are so right. My dad is a hospice nurse... i know that lung cancer is quite serious,,, im just saying that at my age i have a better chance of getting hit by a car when i walk to the store than i do being diagnosed with lung cancer the next time i go see the doc (about five weeks).

    And i smoke great weed everyday and resin will still get me high as a fucking kite for about 45 minutes. Maybe the haters resin doesn't get them high because it's half dirt weed resin :rolleyes:
  17. resin. i remember those days of desperation

  18. because now that im older i always have weed :D Growing older means rent, utilities, insurance and a million other things. I am so glad that with these new found responsibilities i am immune to "desperation". Soooo glad that only those under 22 get desperate! :rolleyes:

  19. bro... dont get ur panties in a bunch. i meant desperate as in you got no bud and u wanna get high.... bro.

    dude. u made me chuckle. yay:smoke:
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    nah we young n bulletptoof

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