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Smoking resin first time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by On-the-go_toker, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hey blades, just a quick question. I was visiting family in redwood city last week, and during one of the nights there, my nephew and i had a little pot convo. nothing serious, he is 16 after all, and it doesnt really surprise me considering how carelessly he was exposed to it throughout his childhood growing up, thanks to my dumbass of a brother in law :/
    Anyways, its just me and him talking on the back deck while i'm smoking a cigarette, when he tells me that he'd smoked resin his first time being high. i'm a little baffled at this, mainly because i cant really picture someone not smoking pot, and instead deciding to smoke the sticky black tar that is resin as an alternative. Its like smoking spice without ever having tried pot. you know what the feeling is like, without REALLY knowing what its like.

    Any thoughts on this? this is more of a controversial thing to me, i'd just like to hear opinions on smoking resin, not about my nephew:p Thats just how the idea came to my attention.
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    Id just tell him not to make any conclusions on weed until he tries smoking some true, top shelf bud.

    If he hits it like a champ he is gonna be highhhh as a muthafucka though
  3. I find resin high like weed high, just exponentially less satisfying, and with a complimentary shitty after taste!

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