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Smoking Resin Balls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Arc, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Hey it's Arc again with another obscure and unorthodox way to inhale THC! :smoking: 
    Well I recently just scraped all the buildup of resin from my bowl and most of it from inside the actual pipe.Then I used a small piece of bud as a screen for the ball. After that I lit up and enjoyed. I currently am enjoying the nice stone from this resin. It's beautiful.

  2. Smoking res seriously? That's gross.
  3. #3 Arc, Sep 4, 2013
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    Yeah it tastes like shit, but it melts. Still works lol
  4. whne your smoking resin you dont inhale any thc LOL. i havent had to smoke resin since i was like 15. but if that day comes i will. so im not bagging on you. but i doubt resin has any thc. theres other stuff that make you feel "high"
  5. this isn't new, poor stoners have been doing this for decades. 
    Shit sucks man... but if you say you have bud, why are you tainting it with resin.
  6. #6 Arc, Sep 4, 2013
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    A piece of bud lol. I have about .8 grams of bud left but I wanted to see if smoking resin would actually work, hence the post description where I say "showing you more obscure and unorthodox ways of inhaling thc". It made my bowl cleaner as well. I never once specified that I was out of bud or else I would have directed this post to people who were out of bud.
  7. hrm well it sounds like you have some deep interests rooted in the same kind of stuff i do, meaning weird, unusual and efficient ways of smoking... Maybe there are some things we can show YOU. What cool ways have you found so far? Besides resin...
  8. Nothing wrong with a res ball every now and then. Especially if it's rolled around in some kief  :smoking:
  9. @[member="The Egg Man"] check out my other post about stems
  10. I do it when I'm out of bud and don't care enough to drive 60 miles to pick up.
    Reasonable enough excuse? Better be unless one of you schmucks want to pay for my gas.
  11. i love the crackle and pop you get when you burn lil balls of them in a bowl, makes it an exciting smoking experience!  :hello:
  12. resin is the shit! best thing to smoke when your low on bud that shit will get you faded!
  13. I love resin man. Its a good high for me, and free.. Getting it is annoying though. The way I always smoke mine is with a micro torch and waterfall bong. Hold the flame a little bit above the resin and let it melt. And then just touch the torch to it real quick when the actual ball starts to burn. Gotta be careful not to get the bowl to hot since its a home made peice. But works great doesn't waste any of it at all, gets it all nice and burnt, and I feel like you can work with it easier too
  14. Hell yeah I'll scrape up a resin ball if I'm dry!
  15. lol i do it too..
  16. Yup, I do it as well.
  17. I have been smoking resin for years when I am low; in fact I have it down to a science. Depending on the resin quantity and consistency (meaning from my bong slide or my bowl) I will mix it with 0.1 - 0.4 grams of reefer and then roll it in kief if I have any to spare. I fold, and re-fold it about 15 times in a similar way to kneading bread dough. This makes it more smokable and the extra weed in there dilutes the nasty resin taste and masks it with the much better taste of weed. By the time it is done it should be at a consistency that almost crumbles but still holds together.
  18. Its a win win, clean my piece, have something for a rainy day
  19. Hope you know you are smoking straight tar!
  20. Ive smoked it before but never will again. doesn't get me high enough to deal with how gross and harsh it is...
    And what is this "dry" you people speak of?

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