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Smoking Reg or Dank Daily

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hotdog585, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Let's say someone wants to smoke everyday. They have a budget of $45 per week. They can buy an 1/8 of kill and smoke .5 a day, or about 10.5 g's of some regular and smoke about 1.5 a day.

    So for a daily toker (at lest 2 seshs a day), is it better to smoke dank in extremely conserved amounts? Or to just smoke more regs.
  2. i would say regs because you only have 45$ per week. but thats just me. if it were more a week then id say dank
  3. dank in conservative amounts.
  4. Coming from a once-daily smoker, I found I did better smoking mids/reg regularly, and saving the dank for smoke seshs with friends or for "Special Occasions" like parties, 4.20, and other times that call for a few good nugs.
  5. That's interesting. This was both stc9357 and my 411th post.
    CRAAAAZAY. But yeah dude stick to mids.
  6. Depends what my guy has for me. If it's regs I'll go a little crazy on it but if it's dank I'll conserve it a lot more.
    In your situation(similar to mine), I'd stick to regs.
  7. You def wanna go for quality, get the dank. I've been thru that very circumstance so many times and dank always wins out
    It will be much more worth it when you go to take your first hit of the day, and get fucking lifted. Regs won't do that
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    Buy in bulk... I smoke dank everyday 0z for 320$... If not I spend over 120 per quater runs 460 something fukk that.. and ur not including the keef that comes with dank compared to reg with gives off non basically.. which u can top and make ur oz last even longer.. sooooo Dankkkkkkkkkkkkk all the wayy but If low on fund fuk it.get swag hah

    Quailty weed has a quailty high
    Swag is like always a quick high buzz last ten min tops. And plus that harshness u get from nutes and plus supporting the cartels:000
  9. I don't have only $45 per week on bud, that's just an example.

    That's what I've been doing, works pretty nicely.

    Recently my friend got this dank connect down to $45 1/8. I'm not sure about the bulk prices because all the people he refers are (kids/cheapos/light smokers) who don't cop more than that. I did hear of his quarters being sold for $90, even $80 once though. If I could get a half around the $160 range, that sounds very intriguing.
  10. If you have a low tolerance say 4-5 hits off of mids will get you plenty baked, then I would go for that. If you find that you start smoking more, then start going with the dank.
  11. ^ those are my prices. 155 a half tho
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    I'll take 3-4 weeks break to get quarter or half o of dank then make it last for awhile then re-up again.

  13. Reading this post will give you a bigger headache than any brick weed.

  14. fixed :smoke:

    btw, i always go for dank as long as its reasonably priced. and stock up my fav strains :cool:
  15. Spread some seeds this summer and grow your own dank
  16. Haha it's so true. I gave up when I saw "keef". I just knew the rest was going to be even more train wreck.
  17. 45 a week i could easily smoke dank daily and be content. i only smoke at night though and i currently make a G last 4 days because im broke. at 45 a week thats a little over 2 g's so .25 a night and on friday have .5. of course im going to be picking up an O soon so ill be upping my consumption to .5 a night and the occasional 1g blunt.
  18. I would go with dank, but I get oz for 150.

  19. shit, must be nice. my guy said a O for $300 and thats $50 less than the going rate around here.

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