smoking reefer. one man J-O-B?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. Smoking Pot, One Man Job? Or Should I Smoke The Neighbor Out?

    I just wanted to smoke a joint, I thought, next thing I knew my in-laws are closing the windows, saving the neighborhood from complete and controled choas. Thats where things went wrong.
    First off, enough about you, lets talk about me. I dont have in laws. I dont have a joint. And I dont believe, but I will stand strong saying, that this choas, is controlled.
    So the question still lies within....Who smokes reefer by themselves?
    There's always exceptions to the rules, and that is of course, depending on how loud the voices are talking. Becuase, GOD, I know...that things cant get done fast enough when shit flys. I mean hitting the fan kind of shittin'. And all you wanna do is get HIGH.
    ....but then I got...
    It's own your own terms. You make the rules. Just like anything else in life, at least thats what I hope you tell people, but the difference is, you dont have to deal with these other people. Dont get me wrong for any minute, people are sweet and hopefully just as soft as the kids they produce. They are what makes the world go 'round. They will *never compare to 1) gravity and 2)pot. But, all in all, just shut up and light the damn thing!!! ((footnote, gravity is overrated))
    I *bet, you'll never gat mad at yourself for not firing shit up, but when someone else is holding that sweeeet green leafy oversized bowl, man.....'nough said. enough to all the stoners anyway.
    But Im not preaching to the choir. I just want the chance to say that any deep down inside fuzzy polar bear feeling kinda stoners (insert many other personal adjectives here) know, what I forgot this whole time.
    Speaking of smoking pot though, the one thing I love, is smoking by myself. Rolling a nice big fat spliff, like I wanna use any other words to describe how BIG and FAT this lil joint is, and lighting it on, guess who's???? ...MY TERMS.
    Is Spongbob on yet? Did the movie start? Did I press play? Wheres my drink? Munchies? Ah, figure that out after..lighter?..joint? Finally, getting down to business. But this is sweet, why? Cause Im asking the questions around here, getting the answers, and I cant blame no one, so thats why I asked myself, where did I put the fucking lighter? And why the hell am I talking to myself? ::puff puff:: OOOOOOOhhhhhh, right, cause I got high, cause I got high, because I got la la, la la la...
  2. I know exactly how you feel right now. I usually get weird rants like that when I fuck around with voice recognition software. There's a frood that really knows where his towel is.
  3. Holy shit man! Your av scared the life outta me KraziHare....

    I thought someone had slipped some mad acid into my cola.....

    "Everybody! There is some mad brown acid circulating throughout the crowd!"
  4. You could not have made more sense, Sensimil!!!!!!!!!


    ah gonna give it another week, chuggin water, and get a job....then smoke anyway.:D.....thats my story and im stickin to it

    by the way, to stay on subject, when i first started smoking, i HATED smoking by myself, but then i found this place, and it made smoking by myself great, cuz i could chief it all to myself, and then get on here, and i had company...of course, when i do smoke with people, its usually not but three or four, so it aint bad anyway..
  6. very nice post man
  7. You said what all of us were really thinking, not word for word, but the basics that run through all stoners heads.
  8. yes. basics. good word...thats all im looking for. FOR NOW. lol, thnx all for listerine. uh, listening. dont hear to much of what im seeing. lets just glisten!

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