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Smoking places

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by drumdude, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. I'm interested in seeing everyones favorite place to light up. Even if you can't get pictures, try and describe the place. It would be cool to see all the chill places you guys smoke.
  2. My favorite place it a bunch of my friends' house. The 4 of these guys have been swapping roommates within the group for years since they moved out. The current house they have is really nice, its probably close to 3000 sq. ft. We smoke in the basement. The main room in the basement is a recording studio. There is a full drum set, electronic drums, keyboards, tons of mics, a few guitars, and a bass. Next to this room in the basement is a smaller room that was used as a bedroom by the people who used to live there, This is our smoke room. Usually when we are down there for a while, it just becomes a huge jam session while we get stoned. 3 of the 4 guys living in the house are drummers, and they have a lot of cool tribal drums and shit, and I will jam with them on a guitar or bass. Its loads of fun. We have a recording of us just playing from about 3 hours straight when we were all fucked up.

    I'll try to get some pics soon, I'm over there almost every day.
  3. Outdoors in the back of the woods, especially when its dark out and the stars are out; either that or rollin a joint and going for a walk around town
  4. Mushroomsatsuji, sweet comp setup.

    xekushnr, wut, did the previous owners take the toilet with them?

    My smoking spot is this forest near the high school right by my house. It's 9.4 acres (there's a big 'for sale 9.4 acres' sign outside it). It's fenced off on one side but it backs up to a cemetery. There's a small opening in the fence on the road it's on and if you were to wait there all day, you probably see at least 3 groups of people go back there. There's beer cans and bottles scattered all over. A lot of the stoners in the area go there to hang out.

    There was a sitting area back there before but recently these high school kids made a hole house thing back there. They put up a bunch of sticks as a wall and there's a fire pit in the middle with a bunch of old lawn chairs and logs to sit on. Because of the way the stick walls look (thick so you can't see thru very well, but thin enough so it doesn't look suspicious) you'd have to know where you were going to find it.

    If you were a cop, you'd have to get out of your car, go thru the small opening, wind through a path for a while, then walk in the right direction in an open area of trees with no defined path. It's a good quarter mile at least in there.

    (That's how I always judge my smoke spots, how much hassle a cop would have to go thru to find me)
  5. Fuckin nice setup mushroom....I want my monitor mounted to my wall
  6. My friends and I found a big ass pit in the ground with parts of an old house foundation.
    It's in the middle of the woods so there's lots of privacy.
    Plus we got a couple old couches, chairs, and a fire pit. It's pretty awesome. Plus there's a 7-11 within walking distance for when we get the munchies haha
  7. friends garage, classic a comfy couch and some chairs you can just sink into. Cooler for drinks, and a coffee table to pack hooka/bowls/bongs on, christmas lights, stereo going....then upstairs a bed in the attic for those little boys and girls who wanna ya know;) have sum fun

    other than that theres the dog park with wooded area that has a little shelter we built (out of sticks)....then a big open grass field. City lights keep the stars pretty tucked away though :mad:
    I like laying in the grass after smoking some grass:smoke:
  8. My band has a storage unit that we made into a mini-house. It's got A.C., a fridge, tv, drumset, guitar and bass, and tons of pipes. No one ever bothers us, unless its another band offering to smoke us out.
  9. Here it is and with me there smokin ....... :)


    Sitting on a dune by humboldt bay watching my problems drift away , smokin the herb so dank and so green , the beauty there cant fit in this screen , so I will add a pic of what I was seeing from where I sat , here's a nice view for you my homies to look at....


    Northern Cali coast ... heart of the Emerald Triangle and the Lost Coast
  10. that's my dream humbold, just to be able to sit and chill on a nice beach and smoke. my favorite past places to smoke would be this forest that was a couple hundred acres owned by the city so noone was ever back there. there was this old abandoned tree house that could fit about 5 of us up there and it over looked this small swampish valley area that had a huge creek going through the middle. only bad thing about that area was the mosquitoes. i don't really like smoke in one spot all the time, i like to occasionally smoke in the car, then smoke in the garage, then outside,.. just change it up
  11. Hey you like that here's another place I stop and smoke ...its on way to beach where other is taken , I only stop cause its so fucking creepy....


    Here where I go if I dont want go 1 mile to beach ... instead i go 1/2 mile to this .... 2nd favorite place ....



    some days i just wander the trails and sit on foot bridges and watch salamanders slide by all care free


    so just some more of my fav places have lots can add more if any interested????
  12. Where I go to college, there is an unused maintenance alcove near the dorms with a single light in a low "ceiling". Sometimes the maintenance people leave it on at night. Smoking a J or blunt or cig there is amazing because the light is right a smoke level so it lights up the smoke coming out of the J/blunt/cig. Watching the wisps of smoke glowing and dancing is an incredibly spiritual experience, especially when smoking the ganja.

    sadly the site is now part of the construction site for a new dorm(and therefore under higher survelliance by campus police), so it's uber-sketchy to smoke there for the time being.
  13. my shed (so much history), in a tree watching traffic.

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