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  1. Hi

    I bet you all know smoking hash from a pipe can be a tricky affair given the size of chunk etc , i would like some help finding a nice pipe to smoke hash our of (not too much of a bong guy) with a small enough opening so that the hash doesnt fall down. I am basically sick and tired of smoking with tobacco , and want to get off so no more Joints for me. As some of you might know i am in INDIA , at the moment so getting good WEED is not easy (hash on the other hand is ABUNDANT) so i would like your guys's opinion. I wud also like an online head shop that delivers internationally!!
  2. Why.. don't you just break the hash into pieces and smoke it like a nug in your bowl.
    As I would say...
    Cherry cherry cherry, let that shit burn, pass it to the left bitch, its my fucking turn.
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    id love to be in ur situation,
    "well we dont have any weed but we have tons of hash for cheap" sounds like my kind of place haha.

    and use a screen with ur pipe, and make the hash into a small pancake and put it on the screen and light one side of it and just let it cherry...thats how i do it. or if u get it rly cheap get some papers and roll up some with tobacco thats what i would do

    edit didnt read ur sick of tobaccy. try smoking another herb that is easy on the lungs like catnip or something it doesnt matter as long as u got a grip of hash in with it
  4. buy some dirt weed put hash on top vap hash gently with lighting appertus and when the hash is all burnt out u could finish the herb or blow it away, or you could roll up a joint with pot, break the hash into chucks and spread it about.

    ps i love hash, i wouldnt mind smokeing dirt weed if i had hash, your so lucky:)
  5. get a small pebble or glass screen to smoke hash on (in your pipe or bong)

    i use a medium sized bong but DRY for hash.... i dont think the kief kake from my ganz is going to need water filtration

  6. hanx Guys , where is a good place to buy a bowl online?? I have never smoked out of it , In india it is either BONGS , Chillums . or Joints . Chillums are out pretty much if you are by yourself as it takes Shit load of time to start and is too much for one guy as the hits are huge and you need to pack it in nicely so it works better if you have a group to have it go around etc. I am in the US currently , as you can see from my tone i am off weed for 20 days as i have to get my $hit done here in the US before i go back , i only have 6 months left in India and i want to TOKE most of that time up :)!! So i need some help seriously :) , I am in Stamford CT , planning to go to Manhattan on monday to a head shop to find something good , but i want to buy online and get it delivered in india if possible !

  7. Wait till i go back , and let me go to Kasol or MALANA (Hash capitals of the Sub continent , the resting place of LORD SHIVA and His Wife) and i will send you pictures , heck if you are brave enough i can send you some $hit through Fed ex , i did it with a freind and it went ok , but very very small ammounts !!
  8. Just ordrered this , along with some filters etc if i feel like rollin up a jay. we have found weed weed here (Ganja) but it is not the best variety , infact not even mids by US standards.

    Colored Spoon - Coloured and Fumed Spoons

    Anyways will keep you folks posted once i get back to india by the end of the month.
  9. get a pipe from gc shop and buy metal screens. dont smoke tobacco, it fucks up the high you get from hash. using another healthy herb with hash in a joint would help too, just like afgooey said.

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