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Smoking pills...?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by EnterTheWuTang, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Some little herbs I hung out with yesterday started talking about smoking vicodin on top of a bowl. I tried it and felt nothing. Has anyone else heard of this or try it?
  2. I heard of it but I believe they were f'ing with people who would have taken it seriously (like you).
    Basicly, DON'T try to do it, it sounds fake, dangourous and stupid. why would you want to smoke it anyway?
  3. no, but last nite i toke a little peice of hydro ten and tried to take a foilie and it wasnt that great hahahah, i know u can smoke do foilies of OC tho
  4. Oh, the things people try just to get high.

    I always wonder why people try stuff like this. If you want weed and vicodin, why not pop a vicodin and wait a bit and smoke some weed?
  5. Trust me, there are hardly any recreational pills that are worth smoking - I can't think of a single one, but there's gotta be one, maybe pharmaceutical methamphetamine or something. Smoking vicodin is a waste of a wonderful drug, and it's probably pretty horrible to be smoking the acetaminophren in the pill, as well as all the fillers. When I was much younger and stupider than I am now, me and some friends decided to cap a bowl with some crushed Triple C, ohhhh how stupid we were...
  6. i'm open to doing most things at least once. This was one thing I did not enjoy at all and don't plan on trying again. It just seems so unnatural.
  7. sounds like they were fuckin with you
  8. haha nahh they were just fiends. they were hitting multiple bowls of crushed pills

  9. Do you think they would waste a vicodine and smoke it with him if they were fucking with him? Sounds like they are dumbasses. OC's are about the only pill you can smoke without falling apart, and you don't smoke it anything like that.
  10. the only pill that ive found to work on a bowl or a jay/blunt is morphine, the buzz lasts bout 2-4 hours and feels like eating a bunch of special brownies or cookies nd i noticed a little effect from xanax
  11. A good pill to try is Tramadol, sprinkled it in with a blunt, smoked it, then 10 minutes later couldnt feel my legs.
    Ritalin works to but dont really like the feeling ritalin gives me
  12. it works but ive only done it with coke
  13. I used to have some dumb friends that would smoke Vicodin. For the record, it doesn't do anything. The active ingredient in Vicodin is Hydrocodone which gets destroyed in heat. All you would be doing is inhaling some Acetaminophen. You could just break an ipubrophen into it. (Which for the record would probably do nothing)
  14. I was rolling once upon a time and smoked a bowel with the left over crumbs from smashing the rolls and holy shit did that fuck me up. Almost instantly my roll intensified along with the others around me, people started geting so emotional and lovey dovey some even started to cry out of happiness.

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