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Smoking piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dale_Denton, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. #1 Dale_Denton, Feb 15, 2009
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    Hey guys, I've only ever smoked through joints, and I was wondering what you guys thought would be best to get.

    I want to keep the price pretty low. Of course, depending on what the item is, I could spend more considering what it is I'm buying, but I definitely don't want to spend hundreds on a vaporizer or anything like that.

    I don't know of any local head shops here (if there even are any, I imagine there are some in one area in Atlanta), but I don't have a ride here on college campus (damn $570 per year parking permits). So, I'd probably need to buy it online.

    Anyways, I was wondering what you guys think would be best. I'd like something smaller that I could hide easier, and maybe carry with me if I needed to go somewhere. But if there's something that's so much better and worth having a larger one, I'd consider it.

    Anyways, should I get a spoon, or a small bubbler or bong, or what? And which spoon/bubbler or whatever should I get? And if you guys have any links to ones that are priced pretty inexpensively, that would be great. I'm a poor college kid, so I can't be spending too much, especially in addition to the bud I gotta get in order to use the piece :p

    Thanks guys :D
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    I just have a tiny little spoon i got at a headshop for like $15. Nothing artistic but its really convenient and gets the job done.

    EDIT: I've heard of like gas stations selling little pipes like the one i have. Dont have to always go out to a headshop.
  3. it all really depends, if your just looking to get high, get a little spoon, a bigger piece wont do all that much for you, a bubbler is a step up in the level of high you will get since you can take bigger rips, but beware the water is a pain in the ass once your baked out of your mind, a bong is a great thing if you wanna get fucked up, a roor can take you places a joint cannot, but again there is the price, breaking possability and dealing with the water. I own a pipe(owned a couple, but i always loose them at parties), used to own a bubbler (RIP), a volcano vape, and a roor. my favorite thing to use is the roor, but if your looking to smoke in your room a vape is the way to go... but remember, they'll all get you stoned.
  4. I just want to get high, and I'd like to conserve my bud better (although anything is better than a joint, right?), and the higher I can get the better.
    I guess something without water would be best, then I don't have to worry about water, although I don't think it would be a big deal (although I've never used one, so I don't really know).

    What do you think would be the best for the money, if I get an inexpensive version of whatever item you recommend? I mean, this is pretty cheap:
    Would something like that be good? Or would I be best off with a spoon?

    Roors are generally pretty tall, aren't they? I'd prefer not to have something that big, and vapes are pretty expensive, so unless there's one out there that's like $50 and not a piece of crap, then I think vapes are out of the question. lol
  5. #5 dkong911, Feb 15, 2009
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    Where do you plan on blazing in college?

    In your dorm room: vape (friend got one online for $50)

    In a friend's apartment: bong or vape (bongs: small ones can be as cheap as $20-30 and up, vapes same story starting at 50 like i mentioned)

    In a friend's car: i would say a small bong is worth it, but some of my friends only like using pipes in cars for convenience factor

    Walking around campus: small pipe (as cheap as $4 at a gas station)

    "I don't know where I'll be smoking yet": small pipe

    EDIT: that bong you linked in the last post... that will definitely get the job done for cheap, no question.
  6. Probably mostly here in my apartment. But I'll probably go other places too every now and then.

    And I guess I'd rather not get a vaporizer, really. Since I'd have to take it home over the summer when I'm not at school, and I probably won't smoke much while I'm at home.

    I guess the best thing would be a spoon or pipe or a small bong. Which of those would you recommend most? Which would get me the most high? And is there a particular one that you would recommend? This one here on GC's shop is pretty cheap, is it worth it?

    [EDIT] I see you edited your post and mentioned this bong. Maybe I'll get this, then. And maybe a cheap pipe as well... :D
  7. If you're living on a college campus, you're gonna want something small. That means spoon or bubbler.

    Check your PMs.
  8. bongs are the way to go if you wanna get dumb high, just be careful not to burn your eyebrows off on that little guy,i used to have one like that
  9. That bong you linked to is pretty good and cheap. I'd just get that and call it a day.
  10. #10 dkong911, Feb 15, 2009
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    Dude if you've got an apartment, then I'd assume you'd have place for a bong that's a little larger. I know you're strapped for cash, but if you scraped it out, you'd have a lot more fun with something like ~$50 bong. That's about the level I'd say you get the most bang for your buck.

    Something like this:

    ...has the advantage over that mini bong that you won't suck bong water into your mouth (although this can be avoided with small bongs), and you can put ice in there to cool the smoke... not to mention the ridiculous, legendary rips that the mini bong simply cannot produce.

    Buy what you gotta buy though, cash is king.

    EDIT: be sure to shop around yourself, that's just a pretty standard $50 ice bong
  11. Cool, I guess I'll get the bong, and maybe a cheap spoon to carry around or use real quick when I want. Not sure how I'll buy it though... my parents have access to my online banking (including my credit card statements) because they pay for some of my stuff like food when I eat at school, and they transfer money in and out of my account. And they always check it to make sure that all of the charges are correct. So I might have to get someone else to order it and I'll give them cash... :\
  12. Well, I could, and it wouldn't be a problem for the apartment. But I go home during the summer breaks, and we have to take our stuff home then (well, we have to be moved out of the apartment during summer, including all our stuff). And I couldn't really hide something that big, and I wouldn't have anywhere to keep it at home where they couldn't find it. And I'd be really pissed if it got broken (although I'm generally pretty careful with things).
  13. Ya, or if you know any stoners with a car ask them to drive you to a headshop and promise to let them rip on whatever you buy.

    And sounds like the mini bong will serve you just fine then. Any headshop will have several to choose from.

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