Smoking pets up??

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Beanz, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. against it or for it? personally I don\'t know im in the middle, i can see why people are against it, and i can see why it would be fun..

    man im high:smoking:
  2. I think its wrong. Its fun time to time but shit I\'ve seen stoner dogs and they fucking run to the blunt and its like wtf dude you fucked your dog up. My thing is they have different brains and think different and I don\'t think drugs should be used on them. Only pet that should be stoned are dogs though. You get your cat stoned thats pretty messed up. Or your parrot or some shit lol.
  3. Its fine unless you force them to smoke. If they dont like it, dont make them.
  4. animals still come in contact with cannabis (at least a long, long time ago). an injured one would go and eat the cannabis plant to relieve the pain.

    if they come around and sit there while you smoke, try blowing your smoke at them, softly, don\'t blow hard into their face. see what happens.
  5. i kinda think its wrong. i wouldnt do it to my dog and i never have, but ive seen people do it to their pets and they didnt seem to like it..
  6. for cats you blow the smoke in their ears gently, but my cat doesnt like it so he runs for cover, i never would force him into it
  7. My cat Gary gets high with me. One time i blazed him and he sat their normal, and took hits in his ears, and then proceeded to walk in my yard but only on sticks. He was gracefull and majesctic as any lion ever could be. plus im really high right now.
  8. agreed with both of these. If we are outside, and my dog is layin on the porch, he is usually sitting close to us, so he is gettin high without us grabbin him and blowing it at him.
  9. Please read the rules.

    10. We prefer that you refrain from posting about getting animals or children high.
  10. There ears? wtf how does that work?

  11. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :eek:

    How would you like someone shotgunning in your ear? :confused:
  12. I\'m against it. It just seems wrong to get an animal high cause they don\'t know what they\'re getting in to and they have different brains than us and could get addicted easier. Just seems morally wrong.
  13. I agree that it\'s fine unless you force it on them.
  14. I am temporarily closing this for review, for now

    K guys, ALL threads that have to deal with animals and smoking are NOT allowed
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