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Smoking Pet Peeves?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ssins, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. What are your pet peeves while smoking in a group or even alone?
    Mine are:
    - Annoying friends who over exaggerate everything while high
    - People who take 5 minutes to take their hits and pass
    - People who don't corner the bowl while in a group of 3-4
    That's really it but what's yours?

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  2. #2 Mid man, Oct 9, 2014
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    1) People who flame the bowl
    2) People who claim about the quality of the weed when they didn't put anything in
    3) When people complain about when it's time to smoke when they didn't put anything in
    4) People who try to dictate how much will be smoked and when when they didn't put anything in
    5) People who don't put anything in on multiple occasions. 
    6) People who claim you are being paranoid when they are just being stupid. 
    Tl;DR people who smoke for free and have something to complain about
  3. People who dont chip in
    People who don't help clean
    People who take half the bowl in one hit just to show off
    People who try to buy off your stash
    People who eat everything
  4. I agree with people who eat everything hahaha
  5. I agree w/ all of yours haha didn't think of them honestly
  6. #6 aToker, Oct 9, 2014
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    Something that really annoys me is I have a friend who is just really cheap with his bud. Me and my friends have always smoked eachother out and always returned the favor but this friend in particular will give you the flakes from the bottom and is always saying, "I need to conserve my bud" Although he gets it for free from a grower. Some people are just cheap.
    Inb4 lets look at the positives not the negatives
  7. I hate not having the right to smoke
    I hate not being able to grow my own when and where I want
    I hate not spending money cause I cant grow my own.
    I also hate seeing how much I have left, knowing I have to get more.
  8. #8 Stay_Blazed, Oct 10, 2014
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    People that dont know how to corner a fucking bowl
    People who only wanna chill while you have weed
    People that are obnoxious while high
    People that drool all over the place then don't wipe the piece clean 
    People who pocket your lighters
    People who bitch and moan about other people and their life while high
    People who don't know how to chill
  9. People who stick my god damn bic lighter in their fucking pocket. Then I leave with no fucking lighter. And someone has 3 lighters in their pocket, one of which was mine. Those fucker's are like $1.39 or something. Shit adds up yo.
  10. I agree dude I carry 2 lighters at a time just incase but still eventually after 20 lighters that's $30 which is a waste ppl need to learn to not forget about lighters or to stop being stingy and stealing them.
  11. 1) People who make out with the piece/blunt
    2) Fiends
    3) People who act drunk
    4) When people start talking nonstop about nothing
    5) When people try to act all cool instead of being non-chalant about it all
    6) When people tell me to watch them take a hit like its supposed to be impressing
    7) When people eat all my food
    8) People who NEVER put down
    9) People that help themselves to my stash
    10) Theives. Theres always a thief about...
    1. people who skip people \t
    2. know it alls\t
    3. bag pinches \t
    4. coppers (cops)\t
    5. all kinds thieves ect lighters, piece, bag.  money  thieves \t
    6. the muchies \t
    7. losing my piece\t
    8. losing my lighter 
  12. Babysitters and losing my lighter.
  13. I love smoking with people that I care about and enjoy. I also love smoking people up because sharing is caring!

  14. not taking the safety off the lighter... like come on it takes 2 seconds, if its a paper than fine but if your smoking outta pieces that ish can get annoying and painful
    people who try to buy off my personal stash...much rather have the bud than a 5 or 10 spot
  15. Munchies and then getting rid of the munchies the next day. Some of these reasons listed above is why I smoke alone and maybe once in awhile with my wife.
  16. God I HATE people who over-exaggerate their "high". Like a few weeks ago I was smoking with a friend and the whole time she's just sitting there going  like "DUDE...LOOK AT MY HANDS DUDE...." "OMG DUDE..." Stuff like that. She was basically acting like the people in the movies who just dropped acid, only WAY WORSE at acting, if that makes sense. It was clear she was putting on an act. Annoyed the piss outta me. Just because you're high doesn't mean you have to act retarded. You can still carry on a normal conversation, and you can still use the your normal "sober" way of speaking. Not "DUDEEEE...... WOWWW DUUDDEEE.." I was trying to have a normal conversation but I could get a word in edgewise cause she was just "too high" to speak like a normal person. 
    I mean we only took like two hits each, it's not like we were majorly f***ed. Never hanging out with her again. 
  17. Yeah people like that ruin a possible good smoking relationship with me and I don't hang out with them usually ever bc it's
    SOO annoying man
  18. 1. When I'm on a ride and the guy in the back takes his hit and then holds the piece/j/blunt forever while he zones out.
    2. Canoeing joints
    3. Over exaggeration of high
    4. The "I Just started smoking weed, so i need to talk about it all the time" hypebeasts
    5. People who need to let the world know they're smoking (see hypebeasts above)
    6. Having to hide it from parents/girlfriend

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  19. Also, the instant comedown i experience after eating.

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