Smoking Oxys?

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  1. Does anyone have any information on how to smoke oxycontins? Like preperations and such, maybe some experiances?
  2. why god why?
  3. Yea man dont waste ur time smoking them. Peel off the time release and crush it up into a fine power and sniff that shit. You'll get more bang for your buck from it.
  4. um snort or eat it...

  5. The wax coating is not the time release. IMO the best way to use oxys is by plugging them.
  6. why smoke it and waste it when you can shoot it and taste it?

    well to smoke them this is what i do (and i still think its better than eating or snorting although snort some after you smoke and its all good ) ((o and i wouldnt advise it for anything under 40mg name-brands))

    1. get foil (enough for a strip for each pill)
    2. Get a straw or hollow pen tube (something to tood wit ya know?)
    3. Get a lighter (make sure its full its a bust to run out or have a shitty one when smoking bean)
    4. Get some oc
    5. scratch off the time release (the coloring around the off-white pill)
    6. place pill or piece of pill onto foil.
    7. light a tad under the pill till you hear it sizzle and melt a little so that it is stuck onto the foil.
    8. tilt the foil down like a slope with the pill at the top.
    9. light the lighter starting under or just downhill of the pill and track the lighter underneath while you inhale the trail of smoking with the straw that follows the pill.
    10. finish that full pill, then check the trails for anything shiny or not brown; this can be smoked.
    11. anyways be high for a good minute.

    but i would suggest IV since you get the most high, the longest, and waste less.
    fuck arguing about smoking eating or snorting. slamming is the shit and id say heroin is better just more looked down upon

    by smoking oxy you are smoking heroin. you are a junkie. accept it or quit before the withdrawals materialize.

    seirously though fuck that shit i say just get enough so that you never come down to feel withdrawal. hahahahaha
  7. Yeah the time release is a chemical bound to the oxy, crushing up the pill breaks the bind and removes the time release.
  8. I usually do snort my Oxys but just recently saw someone smoking one, I just want to see what is differant about it compared to snorting/eating. It doesnt last very long?
  9. Hmm I didnt know that coating was not the time release. People always told me it was. Looks like you learn something new everyday.

  10. Wow, you are a fucking retard. Do you actually do this? I can see you know nothing about oxy. The effects of IVing oxy have the shortest duration, smoking oxy is fucking smoking oxy not smoking heroin, and the wax coating is not the time release.
  11. ive only see 20mg 40 mg and 80 mg..... all in pill form not capsules....

    too many ppl ive seen smokin beans end up tweaked out and ruin the drug....its a setative not an upper.... but i wouldnt even snort um.... there 12 hour time relese if their oxys and the high will last alot longer just poppin enless you got oxycodone viks or percs than you should be knocked on you ass any way you take it...

  12. You take oxycontin without crushing it up?
  13. well i dont really like beans...but when i do take um i just crack um in half too broke to afford um and im not desprete enough to need um...if i take pills its either valium, percs or marinol....but im more into hallucinagens
  14. Is marinol any good for recreational use?
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    Just. Don't. Do. It.

    There are binders in the pill that are inert when ingested but can be cancerous when burnt and inhaled. Just eat them/snort them/shoot them like everyone else.

    Get the fuck out of this thread man, you are the dumbest mother fucker ever.
  16. first im gonna tell you there little brown chocolate looking bb's so you dont buy some fakes but there really hard to find....ive been smokin for almost 8 years and i just recently got a freind with connetions to the uw base medicinal marijuana project....but i can only get 5 milligram from her so you need at least 3 to get pretty baked...i payed 5$for 5 of um but they come in 10mg also....there interesting though....they pprty much just use THC butter and fill a sugar capsule full of it its a very clean high but yea id recomend them strongly for recreation....medical benefits have even proved they can accually help with cognative develpment in the brain...wich is the retrospect lay out in your wen you can visualize directions and explain them clearly to others thats your cognative mapping of the brain....

  17. lol. Bang for your buck, literally.

    There's a way to to extract the Oxycodone from the pill and chase the dragon on a piece of foil, but you never know what you're fucking with, and as expensive as those things are, I wouldn't fuck with them. Plus, you'll probably just get a headache from it, and then you won't have any painkillers left to make it go away.

    You should just snort em. If you hate doing shit like that then extract that shit and shove it up your ass. Literally. There's a guide on Erowid.

    I'm of no further use here.
  18. thank you
  19. [quote name=',DRoidR"KB602']Is marinol any good for recreational use?[/quote]

    Yes, it's THC.

  20. hmm Ive always wanted to try marinol,is the high any different from smoking?is it more potent?

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