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Smoking outside in winter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rico24, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Don't ya just hate it? Here's what i just did :smoke:


    Propane heater :D Heats up to 18,000BTU. Keeps hands and body warm!
    Not sure why i'm posting this, pretty stoned, but seemed cool.

    Oh and now i got the munchies..
    Freakin ceasar salad with OJ! :smoke:
  2. Nice, now all you need is a little chill shed or some shit to go with the heater,
    and lasagna to go with the salad :D
  3. I got my fishin hut for that ;)
    Already done that food. Must get more! :smoke:
  4. man up bro, just a bit of cold. Wrap up warm, get some gloves and save the planet i say.
  5. First winter toking me and my friend would hotbox the car when it was snowing which was awesome and stealthy on its own. Then we would go for a walk around town and it would feel like we were in a blizzard. I love toking in winter.
  6. well most winters haven't been a problem but this one is terrible. One of my favorite memories of smoking during the winter was when me and a couple of friends walked down my street and into the woods. It was lightly snowing out but it wasnt windy or too cold so it was tolerable. We each had a joint and we just ripped the joint while it snowed. Now since snow is everywhere and its mad windy out and freezing balls we were forced to stay in my house. My parents came home with the house smelling like dank and I got caught. It sucked. Damn you snow!!!
  7. In this part of NorCal the winters are just cold, rainy, and depressing. I still go out every night to burn, despite the <50 degree weather and/or extreme wind chill, but it definitely can be a pain in the ass.

    Smoking in the actual snow is incredibly gratifying though.
  8. the ONLY, and i mean ONLY reason i like smoking outside during the winter is because it doesn't look like i'm smoking. :D

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