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Smoking Out Your Dealer?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nyxierawr, May 27, 2013.

  1. I smoke mine out occasionally but we've been close friends for a while and he always hooks me up.
  2. Always, but only with certain dealers.
    If the guys my friend, then of course. If he's just a nice guy, then i'll smoke a bowl or two with him. If their just the type that drops it off and leaves, then no.
    Sharing is caring. I honestly hate smoking weed by myself right after buying from a dealer. It's like fuck...he's your dealer, so smoke him out, cause you know the fucker is gonna hook you up in the future.
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  3. Isn't that like buying a pimp a piece of ass?
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  4. eh.  this is yet another of many reasons why one should grow.
  5. I also only get to smoke mine out on rare occasions. He LOVES to smoke socially so since he always carries he will smoke out anyone who is with him and a blade. I talked to him about it once and he told me if i was packing he would let me pack a bowl for him, but I did not need to "pay" him back for it.
  6. I'm just now starting to grow. I'm just worried because I'm always so busy I won't take good enough care
  7. No, I do not. I don't give the guy at taco bell a bite of my burrito either. Buying pot is a business transaction and I treat it as such.
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  8. i try to.  if someones coming over to my house i will always ask if they want to smoke one.  if i go to their house if they are smoking one ill sit and match with them.  if its a new guy who im meeting in a parking lot then of course not.  
  9. dealers should smoke their customers out.
    its a great way to keep their business going.
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  10. As long as he does not have herpes then I don't see why not. 
  11. my friend smokes me out, hooks me up, so i smoke him up.  thats the way to get better karma.  but if you are trying to get better karma then you will not find a way to.
  12. as someone that used to sell( years ago) im saying a smoke out is normally super appreciated because when i was out running bags i wouldnt have any personal with me and would always remember who helped me out so i could help them out. but its not expected by any means not even close lol.
  13. Only sometimes.....he's got plenty of smoke anyway

  14. My dealer used to smoke me out because i was buying from him. I would never smoke him out if i had to give him money in the first place.
  15. I've never smoked out a dealer.  I think it's stupid.  If I just gave him my money why should I have to let him smoke my weed as well?
  16. Give dealer money. He gives weed. You give weed right back. wtf?
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    Exactly. Now if a dealer expects me to share with him, that isn't cool. But, sharing is caring in my eyes. He took care of me by getting me the smoke, so I take care of him, send him home a little more stoned than he was when he arrived.
    Obviously, by many of these responses, you can see that others think differently, but that's fine. Smoking your dealer out does seem like a crazy them. But i'm a very sharing and caring type of person, I have let people eat and sleep in my house for free. I am one of the biggest dicks you'll ever meet, but I got a big heart, and I take care of those who scratch my back as well.
    It also depends on how much i'm buying at the moment. If i'm going to be only buying a gram, and I have other friends there to smoke with, then I won't smoke the dealer out. But honestly, if you got a cool dealer, and your the type who likes to smoke and hang, then smoke your dealer out. But that's just how I look at things, look out for your fellow man, because one of these days, that dealer is gonna re up big time, and your gonna get a fat hook up, watch.
    Like someone mentioned above, it's really the karma effect when it comes to things like this. Smoke your dealer out, and your dealer will eventually smoke you out. Do good things, and good things will happen to you. But to each their own, I am not exactly greedy with my marijuana as I know I will always get more. Damn, if I started growing, I would just hand that green out to my friends and family, just for the hell of it. I love the gift of giving, except on my birthday, that's the one day a year where I get to do whatever the fuck I want and everyone else can go suck a jack. Lol
  18. My brother sells to me so we match bowls like everyday. I dont really knowif that counts as me smoking him out but we have a matching system that works
  19. Same w my dude I always want to smoke at least a bowl w him buy he already has a huge j rolled everytime I get there!

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  20. If I'm at my dealers he smokes me out.  If I'm at home it's me that does the smoking out.   Just how it's always been.  Helps that my dealer is a old friend. 
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