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  1. I've smokes countless times out of plastic bongs, with plastic stems and tin foil as the bowl. I started thinking about it and I'm really worried about my long term health. I don't know what to do someone please help. I don't need anyone to tell me I'm stupid cause I already know that
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  2. As long as the bowl and stem aren't plastic, you should be fine.

    It's the stuff that's hot enough to catch on fire that you have to worry about. ;)
  3. The stem was plastic
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  4. I would turn it around backwards and put flowers in it.

    You don't want the plastic to get anywhere close to the flame. :mellow:
  6. you cant do anything now. damage is done. but it is rumored that your setting yourself up for Alzheimer, and Dementia. Plus other problems relating to plastic inhalation. I would recommend looking up effects of inhaling plastic and aluminum. The best thing you can do is stop at once, and pray that what you done, won't lead to anything bad. if you use an apple as the bowl, instead of tin foil, you could prevent inhaling the bad stuff.

    But to be honest, if you can;t make an apple peice, or buy glass, you shouldn't be smoking. I hope the best for you, but you can't reverse what has been done. You can only move forward from here.
  7. ahh, you wont have to deal with it.
    IMO, all that plastic shit is a little bit overkill, it wont kill you or make you feel anything under 1, 10 or even 100 times.
    Its just about that it taste like shit and when u will get glass u will understand the difference.

    Its not just about taste and toxicity. Hitting from that nice artwork bong, that you bought long time ago, and have a history with gives you a good high as well.
    Love your bong and care for it, and you will love it as much as the marijuana itself
  8. You surely got a few milligrams or many micro-grams over the years. Most people drink from aluminum cans, cook with aluminum pots, or "allow" aluminum foil to touch food. There is Al in city water and probably in wells. I doubt VERY much if you'll ever see any symptoms of Al toxicity, but if you want to encourage hypochondria, look them up and watch for them.

    Last I heard, the link between Al and Alzheimer's was more speculation than theory (but that was years ago). And my roommate who was going to medical school kept using his aluminum pan to pop popcorn.

    I used to worry about smoking with a fine brass screen. Like your aluminum foil, a fine brass screen with fine wires will burn away over time with a hot enough torch. Maybe some of those atoms of vaporized brass got past the tube and water. Shrug.

    A certain amount of Copper is necessary to health, and I think a little Zinc is needed, too. But what about hypothetical impurities in the brass? Lead? If any Nickle could sneak into brass, could it form carbonyl nickle (yuck)?

    So I got coarser mesh wire cloth for screens, with much thicker gauge wire. The greater thermal mass and conductivity should reduce the temperature that the wire surface can reach. (I think common "head shop" screens are 30 mesh.)

    At first, I got 24 mesh with 0.014" wire diameter. That doesn't erode noticeably no matter how hot I burn it with a pin-point torch. Then I tried 16 mesh and 14 mesh with progressively thicker wire and much larger openings. They never erode at all and the huge openings can be brushed clear or poked easily. I could leave them coated with tar and char and never see the brass.

    But, yeah, it's easy to taste brass AFTER you've tried glass. I did a little "pot tourism" in CO and smoked from all-glass for the first time. I wondered why "all" CO pot tasted so bland. After I got home to my home-made water pipe and coarse brass mesh screens, I was able to tell what the difference was. CO pot didn't taste like copper.
  9. You say that you know you're stupid. My question is do you know how stupid?

    I kid lol! Jokes aside I wouldn't worry about it. Just don't do it anymore. Hell, go to a hardware store, get an 8 inch brass downstem with a threaded end and a brass bowl that screws onto the brass downstem. Now you can use plastic bottles for bongs without turning yourself into a large, cancerous, dope smoking tumor. I kept a few of those brass pieces so I had something on hand to be able to smoke out of. That and the brass fittings are stupid cheap. Good luck and don't worry about it.
  10. Fuck smoking plastic my friend once made a makeshift bong out of plastic the first hit was weed after that it was plastic he coughed a lung up :laughing:
  11. Plastic becomes a real concern because of outgassing when heated.
    There are more then a few meth labs that have killed the operators because they used a garden hose (chemical reaction) instead of the right hose.
    For a great screen, go to a titanium type and you won't ever have to worry about it fuming up and poisoning you.
  12. nothing you can do now op, damage already done, i'm sure its fine, we all will die one way or another and we ''poison'' ourselves daily... the best thing you can do is investing in a full glass bong, or 'glass on glass' bong. if you're in a budget, ditch the percs and shit, just get a big beaker so you can stack big hits
  13. DON'T DO IT! :eek:

    Fatal alveolar haemorrhage following a "bang" of cannabis (abst – 2011)
    [Fatal alveolar haemorrhage following a "bang" of cannabis]. - PubMed - NCBI

    The new methods of cannabis consumption (home made water pipe or "bang") may be responsible for fatal respiratory complications. We present a case, with fatal outcome, of a man of 19 years with no previous history other than an addiction to cannabis using "bang". He was admitted to intensive care with acute dyspnoea. A CT scan showed bilateral, diffuse alveolar shadowing. He was anaemic with an Hb of 9.3g/l. Bronchoalveolar lavage revealed massive alveolar haemorrhage. Investigations for infection and immunological disorder were negative and toxicology was negative except for cannabis. Antibiotic treatment was given and favourable progress allowed early discharge. Death occurred 15 days later due to alveolar haemorrhage following a further "bang" of cannabis. Autopsy showed toxic alveolar haemorrhage. The probable mechanism is pulmonary damage due to acid anhydrides released by the incomplete combustion of cannabis in contact with plastic. These acids have a double effect on the lungs: a direct toxicity with severe inflammation of the mucosa leading to alveolar haemorrhage and subsequently the acid anhydrides may lead to the syndrome of intra-alveolar haemorrhage and anaemia described in occupational lung diseases by Herbert in Oxford in 1979. It manifests itself by haemoptysis and intravascular haemolysis. We draw attention to the extremely serious potential consequences of new methods of using cannabis, particularly the use of "bang" in homemade plastic materials.

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