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Smoking out of cans harmful?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Drax, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. I've heard the whole thing how aluminum cans can cause Alzheimer's, but is this only if you smoke like for years out of one? I think I've only smoked out of them around 10 times in my time smoking (1 year.) I just hate doing for fear that I'm just completely fucking my body.

    Does anyone exactly how harmful it is?

  2. It's probably really harmful.

    I mean you're smoking the paint and shit on it too, and the aluminum puts off mad fumes when you touch a flame to it.

    glass ftw. :wave:
  3. True man, I only use aluminum as a last resort, and I mean LAST resort. I'd rather use printing paper to roll a shitty J.
  4. I imagine it can be quite harmful.
  5. There is also a chemical coating applied to the inside of soda cans so that the aluminum doesn't corrode and leech into the soda. You're burning and inhaling that too.
  6. I rarely do it cause it fucks you up...just get a bowl.
  7. what happend to using a fucking apple kids? It is allnatural and a tasty treat afterwards! just dont eat where the hole's are....taste like complete resin ass!
  8. Does anybody actually KNOW?

  9. I think resin kinda tastes like bad bacon
  10. Smoking out of soda cans is bad for you. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but something vaporizes on the metal can, and is bad to inhale. Just make sure there's a layer of resin coating it before you use it.
  11. yeah we all fucking know, its bad for you. PERIOD! Who gives a fuck what the actual chemicals are that you are putting in your system it is fucking you up, now im sure if you use it once or twice because u are in a pinch nothing is going to happen, but just dont make ur everyday smoking device a 7up can....
  12. I smoked a can the other night actually. It's best you don't do it a lot, you take in tiny bits of aluminum, the aluminum burning, the shit on the aluminum burning; it's all not good for you so only do it as last resort.
  13., that's the problem. Anyone know what temperature aluminum has to be heated to in order to release dangerous fumes? It may be higher than the typical butane lighter can reach. Still, chemical treatments to the can would be my main concern.
  14. The boiling point of aluminum (the temperature at which the molecules are excited into a gaseous state) is 2519 C (4566 F). Below that temperature, aluminum is either a liquid or a solid, so you won't be inhaling any aluminum vapors because the maximum combustion temperature of butane and air is only 1977 C (3591 F). Theoretically you could achieve a higher temperature if you used pure oxygen, but you won't find any lighters that can do that. The real concern with using aluminum cans to smoke out of is the paint on the outside of the can being vaporized, as well as the polymer coating on the inside of the can. You don't want to be inhaling those fumes.
  15. Ahh, thank you. That's exactly what I was looking for. :smoking:
  16. Invest in some glass. Or at least buy some papers.
  17. that was already said earlier in the post just with fewer words...
  18. I meant the temperature part.
  19. just use tin foil, if it was really bad you wouldnt be able to cook with it
  20. that paper is bleached i think, thats like smoking tisse paper *cough cough die*

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