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Smoking out of aluminum

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by KushBomb, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. So I make this homemade bottle thing. I take a water bottle burn a hole to inhale and a carb hole.

    I then put aluminum foil on the top and poke about 30 tiny holes pack my bud and light.

    I know it's not good to use aluminum foil. I use a grill lighter because it's easy to light.

    Td; lr : does a grill lighter burn to hot that it burns the aluminum foil and bad chemicals are released?
  2. So on top of the aluminum your using a grill lighter that's probably much worse for you then a regular lighter? Lol no matter what you use to light aluminum your going to inhale harmful chemicals from it.
  3. I wouldn't recommend smoking out of aluminum ever. Just buy a small glass spoon pipe for $20.
  4. It sounds like you are smoking a makeshift Hookah of sorts. Have you ever tried lighting a hookah rock, stabalizing the bowl so it can support it, and try that? You would get a very good hit.

  5. Aluminum foil doesn't melt untill 1220 degrees F

    I don't think a 200 degree f is going to do much to the foil
  6. [quote name='"KushBomb"']

    Aluminum foil doesn't melt untill 1220 degrees F

    I don't think a 200 degree f is going to do much to the foil[/quote]

    So then why are you asking us? Go ahead and contract a lung infection, I gave you advice and you chose not to take it.
  7. Dude, you're using plastic too correct? Fuck man, just make a screen out of a frying pan cover, or steal one from a sink faucet.....

  8. o my god plastic and aluminum are you asking for a death wish haha
  9. I used to do this a lot in high school. It's probably not very safe, but it did provide huge hits and got me super ripped lol. But seriously, if you're of legal age, there's no excuse to still be using shit like this. Even a cheap little one-hitter is better than that, and you can buy those anywhere for like 10 bucks.
  10. Your right, it doesnt melt at 200F but it does get hot enough to release chemicals for a split second while its being torched, which you inhale :wave:
  11. This thread again :cool:

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