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Smoking out of aluminum can bad for you?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by SuperDiesel666, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. I live in Boston, and the only place I know of near me where I can buy a piece is a complete rip-off. My friend got a glass one-hitter there (their cheapest piece) and it was $28! Their glass pipes and bowls are like $40. As much as I would like a nice glass bowl, I've been smoking out of a bent-in-half Pepsi can with holes poked in it for about a year now (except when I smoke with friends using their pieces.) It's just that every time I consider spending $40 on a glass bowl/pipe, I then remember that I can use the same $40 to buy 1/8 of some good shit and just smoke it out of the "piece" I already have: the can. I just wondered if I am really inhaling toxic chemicals from the aluminum when I do this? I wouldn't think so because I wouldn't think a lighter could heat the can enough to vaporize the aluminum but I guess I could be wrong. :confused:
  2. It isn't good for you, but everyone has done it. Well, everyone who has been a place with bud, but no smoking tool or papers. If you have been doing it for a whole year, it may be time for an upgrade.
  3. Don't be cheap and put your health at risk. Buy a pipe or papers. The burning aluminum is linked to Alzheimers disease.
  4. ^^ Do you have a link to a source for that fact? Not trying to question your credibility, just curious.
  5. get some rolling paper, and blunts, until u can get enough money to buy urself a piece. Im sure theres a lot of head shops in MA, u might have to go to town. An aluminum can is pretty dangerous. Im not really sure but its not good for ur lungs. Try making a piece, get high, get creative.
  6. Wow, scary stuff. I also read in that link that they still put mercury in vaccines! That's insane, nothing's safe nowadays.
  7. Dude I used to smoke out of aluminum foil, but I decided I don't want to risk all the shit that can happen when you do that. No one really knows for sure whether or not it can hurt you. I heard that smoking out of a can is bad for you because you are inhaling some paint, too. But I cannot support that fact, just something I've heard.
    Here was my solution: inhale the Bible and the Dictionary. I use blank pages from either of those as rolling papers (but don't use written on ones because I've been told it's bad to inhale ink). Then when I smoke I'm building my vocabulary or getting holier!
  8. ^Lol!

    Thanks for the info, guys...that's good stuff to know! I will try to avoid aluminum cans at all costs and get a glass piece asap. I do have the money to buy one, so I definitely will now that I know how toxic aluminum is...but I'm sure you've all had those moments when you're contemplating about buying something because you think about the weed that the same money could buy you! :p

  9. yeah this is correct, the investment in a quality glass piece is one that you will enjoy for years to come, that is, if you dont break it, haha
  10. haha i know what you mean
    my bro walked in there and wasted 40$ on a bowl that i could of got
    for like 15$ in rhode island.

    im pretty sure you could bargain alittle with em'

  11. yeah true that
  12. 1) No they don't still put mercury in vaccines
    2) Mercury was safe in the controlled amounts used, no significant risks involved
    3) Vaccines do not cause autism, incase you're one of those nutjobs who spread that kind of vile misinformation.
  13. dude why don't you just buy a spoon or 1 hitter from grasscity?? if you don't want to use your credit card, just go to walmart and get one of those $20 visa gift cards
  14. like someone said. everyone has done. if not everyone mostly everyone. but yeah i still do it on occasion. the occasions are getting rarer and rarer though becasue i usually always have something to use nowadays. but just go out and buy on of those 40 dollar ones. doesnt have to look cool or anything obviously since your last pipe was a pepsi can lol but you def want one that is thick as a mother fucker. someone once gave me the same advice. he said go buy the thickest most durable pipe for the first one. it doesnt matter whgat it looks like you will grow to like it. and its always nice having your first glass purchase for years and years even if it is covered in vomit colored glass decorations
  15. This is a cold thread but...
    If anyone needs advice on this topic and happened to go through this thread your best shot is an apple.

    '''''''''''''-------------- weed goes here
    ''''''''''''v..................apples grow naturally right? They are a fruit right?
    .. _ ... __ ..............so purchase or grow some of the fruit.
    |....|____ <------------Inhale from here.
    |....._ ....|
    .\__/ \__/

    **Some further notes: take the seeds out(!!)**

    Use something long and sharp to drill these gaps
    Also a great munchie.
  16. In australia we call em canny's we used to smoke them all the time cuase we didnt have anything better there good but I think they wast heaps though and they taste like shit smoke it however you want man but my advice is get an upgrade :)
  17. Shit I used to smoke out of cans all the time... oops.
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    aluminum cans are fine as long as they're not the thing burning. I have a pic of my piece in the homemade thread and as long as the aluminum doesn't get hot, it can't burn therefore you won't be inhaling aluminum. My downstem is long enough and so thick (I use a tuba mouthpiece lol) that the aluminum can feels room temperature even after big hits.

    Edit: I don't use aluminum foil as the screen, I actually use the mesh from a headphone.
  19. Duude, buy online or go to a festival. I went to Download Festival (UK) a couple years back, and they were selling glass, metal and wooden pipes for next to nothing. Personally I like the taste and feel of a wooden pipe over anything else, so I bought 3 for around £3. That's $5?

    Also, go to EDIT or buy from the City.. always have good packaging, my parents have signed for pipes etc in the past without knowing ;).

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