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smoking out of all your pieces in one day

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 197774, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. first let me start off im pretty blasted so this may sound weird but i thought it was an awesome idea

    this morning i woke up with a good amount of bud (strain was Dead Jodie, never heard of it before but its super dank)so i decided to just pack all my 3 of my pieces (bong,bowl,glass gandalf pipe) to the brims with the rest of this bud and with a thick layer of kief on top of each pack. And i am smoking them of the chronological order i bought them. Idk i thought it was cool

    btw heres the glass:

    cool story bro

    :bongin: /baked
  2. Sometimes I pack all the slides that I have and smoke them all in a row without a break. I call it a guantlet :p I would probably pass out if I smoked out all the pieces I have, I have like 6 slides for my bong alone -.-
  3. I wouldnt be high because i have no pieces
  4. hahaha i love smoking out of all my pipes, my friends didnt have pipes back in the day so ide bring all my pipes to the smoke outs but i get so worried that if you have 7 pieces the odds of 1 breaking is much higher
    haha sorry wake and bake is gettin to me
  5. lol at first i thought your spoon pipe was a pill bottle with aluminum foil on it
  6. Where'd you get the long wizard looking pipe?
  7. I dunno if I could pull it off I got an extensive collection


  8. i bought that gandalf in Orlando Florida at a headshop called 'Climax', i love that pipe.

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