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Smoking out of a hookah

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by -GreenRhapsody-, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. He, I have smoked out of pretty much everything but the fancy stuff (lungs, vapes ext.) and my friend is selling me a hookah and a chillum for a good deal.

    The problem is I've never smoked a hookah, so how do you do it?
    Do I need charcoals?
  2. You can mix it with the shisha, but it burns hella slow and uneven usually. but if you grind it up really well and pack shisha, bud, shisha, bud, etc. it should be ok. Or you could just pack a regular bowl on top and use a lighter like a bong.
  3. PHP:
    Oh, so I can just put the weed in there and light it? Just like a bong? Cause I'm not trying to buy all that other shit everytime I smoke. Feel me?
  4. Ya it gets expensive, like 20 bucks for 100g of starbuzz. Um, ya you can just pack it like a regular bowl and light up. I don't know if you have to use foil to line the bowl, but it couldn't hurt.
  5. That's fresh. I was kinda nervous cause I already said I was gonna buy it, but if all you need is hookah, weed, and a lighter then I'm good. And I know what the foil thing is so I can do that too. Thanks.
  6. Whoa!

    You can't smoke a hookah without a coal, there's just no way you can pull it off with only a lighter. The bowl on a hookah is HUGE and the flame of a normal lighter will never hit the whole surface area.

    Also, I would seriously consider buying "all that other shit" as you put it.

    First, the coals usually come in packs of 10, and a session only takes 1, maybe 2 coals. Second, a pack of shisha is usually good for about 10 bowls worth, possibly more if you store it properly (so it doesn't dry out) and don't pack the bowls super tight.

    Finally, if you put weed in a hookah without mixing it in with shisha it will burn through in seconds. Using no shisha is basically the best way to waste weed. If you buy everything you actually need you will save money in the long-run by not wasting so much weed every time you use the hookah.
  7. You will need coals, it simply won't work without them.

    As far as shisha goes, it depends on what kind if bud you are going to use it with. A hookah is made for smoking in much larger quantities than the bowl of a bong. If you are smoking anything decent, it will go up like nothing unless you mix it with shisha, which is why I never actually use my hookah.

    If you want to use pure bud, you pretty much need to use something cheap that can be smoked in large amounts. The hookah will do a great job of making it one hell of a lot less harsh if you do this.
  8. I have used a hookah in a pinch, just plugged most of the holes in the bowl, leaving only one open, then piled a small amount of green over the one open hole, and light and hit a-la-bong. Not my preferred method, but it worked.
  9. Definitely gonna need coals, or the hookah is useless. You will only need max 1 coal per sesh honestly and coals come in packs of like 10+, and they're honestly not expensive. Don't waste ur bud or ur hookah!

    pack a huge bowl, tin foil on top, poke holes in middle of tin foil, lit coal on top of tin foil, and toke away.

  10. u need coals and i wouldn't amoke weed outta a hookah it doesnt work too well and kinda wastes it there really fun tho, when me an my friends dun wanna be high but wanna smoke we always hookah
  11. Dude, why would you not want to use "all that shit" every time with a hookah? That stuff (I am pretty sure it's called shisha, anyone care to correct me...) is amazing on its own, so no need to talk shit about it. It doesn't give a high, but it does give a buzz and a slight headrush.

    I personally only smoke shisha from my hookah. I usually do hookah on the days where I want to smoke, but not use up weed and they are your best friend during a T-Break (Think of a hookah on a t-break as a nicotine patch, but fpr cannabis, and smokeable meaning not really patch...basically it gives u ur smoking fix without giving you cannabis therefore building up your tolerance again).

    Fuck, I'm so smacked right now, I wonder if this makes sense at all.

    :hippie: <----me right now lol.
  12. yea i never smoke weed out of my hookah cause its jus gunna be a waste

    ur better off smokin then hittin the hookah

    and definetley get shisha, jungle juice, blueberry, strawberry and pineapple are all excellent

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