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Smoking out of a black and mild?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kushkidchris420, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever done this? How do you go about doing it?
  2. i empty it out by squeezing the tobacco out, then get a pen and pack the weed in.
  3. you can buy a 75cent Dutch also
  4. Just ask for a Dutch?
  5. Just start at the open end (where you would light) and roll it firmly between yOur thumb and finger and slowly tobacco will fall out. You want to be gentle tho as not to break the blunt. Then once you empty it pack it with something skinny little by little.

  6. thats nasty! hahah, well that is just my opinion..
    just break it down like a swisher and roll the weed in it after you dump the contents...
  7. #7 hippie4u, Sep 22, 2011
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    Black n milds have really thick paper. I'd get a blunt wrap, or joint papers.

    edit: If youve never rolled.. swishers dont stick good. White owls stick better. Wraps stick best. Or phillies.
  8. i did this like an hour ago on the interstate lol
  9. yo it's fine cuz ppl inhale black n mild smoke, I like to get a cream or a wine WOOD TIP and phreak that bitch. it's alot easier to just restuff that shit than it is re roll it, and if you mix it with some tobacco from the black that bitch is straight tasty as fuck.
    you can enjoy a black n mild, or you can ENJOY a black n mild.
  10. [ame=]How to: Freak a Black & Mild - YouTube[/ame]

    Do that. But put weed in it. If that video doesn't help just youtube how to freak a black.

    I don't suggest doing it though. Its better to just buy a sweet. Dutch. White owl. Etc.
  11. Why not just smoke the Black & Mild?
  12. Easiest things is what that guy said earlier freak it then mix the tobacco with the bud n it smokes really good n it helps it burn slower if u pack it real good
  13. Yeah I have wine ones so yay and I already freeked em
  14. white owls on deck son
  15. Freaking is the way to go, although I feel like blacks burn faster than rillos

  16. sometimes they do thats where the tobacco comes in and helps out and if you pack it real tight that helps alot too
  17. I got dat blueberry swisher sweet on deck son!
  18. Get a dutch bro, unless you can't roll, then going with a black and mild would be fine, just empty the shit out and put the bud in.

  19. Awwwwwww YEEEAAAHH! Them hoes go hars
  20. i freak cigarettes alot and take the filter out, replace the filter with some cardboard from the side of the pack, turn upside down, dumb bud in, pack down with a pen, and maybe twist off the top, but regardless, youve got a secret agent joint that looks in every way like a cigarette

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