Smoking out of a black and mild?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by kushkidchris420, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. have you ever heard of it? im about to do it but whats your guys's input on it?
  2. I like em.. Hit harsher towards the end though
  3. do you notice the flavor of the black and mild at all?
  4. I guess a little bit if you have a wine tip or other flavored tip you will
  5. Good cause I have a wine tip!
  6. I use them all the time. sometimes when i want to get real high i grind the weed super fine and stuff like 4 gram in the black instead of splitting it.
  7. Do you take out the tobacco? And have you vet heard of freeking it?
  8. If you twirl on the black you can get all the tobacco out without cracking it. Kinda roll it back in forth between your thumb and pointer finger. Grind real finely and re-pack with a pencil
  9. ^ and put herb in it?
  10. Yeah... really slow though but makes for a great fat blunt. I'll always choose hand rolling though.
  11. Yeah I can't wait to use it :D

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