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smoking out my gf tomorrow. advice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Boomhauer, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Well, I bought a little bud tonight, because my girlfriend wants to smoke weed for her very first time. I hear alot about people not getting high on their first toke. I didn't get high my first time, because I didn't know how to inhale. That was 6 - 7 years ago lol. She however has smoked cigs in the past so she knows how to inhale.

    Will she get high her first time smoking weed if she does it properly? Before we smoke ,I'm going to explain to her the basics. Drag the blunt. Inhale through mouth and hold it in for about 4 - 5 secs minimum, then exhale.

    I'd hate to be the only one high tomorrow and my girl just watchin me bein fucked up lol.
  2. Ya she should be fine. I know lots of people who got high their first times.

    Most kids start at a fairly young age/or have no experience what so ever inhaling smoke, so like you said they dont do it right. But she smokes cigs so it should be straight.
  3. thanks. i might switch over to some of my mango kush. was gonna let her blaze some reg, 'cause I didn't want her wastein my shit. 'preciate it dub
  4. tell her this

    "suck like a straw, then when its in your mouth, take a deep breath like your about to go underwater"

    most likely she will cough on her first drag haha
  5. bring a condom :smoke:

  6. and some rope :smoke:

  7. And a bag of twizzlers.
  8. yeah im ready for tha sex. its always good when your high. nah i wont be useing a condom. goin for da face on this one.
  9.'re my hero.
  10. man have fun!!
  11. oh i will. feels like somethings gonna go wrong though. i got the weed. the gf. the gar, everything. to good to be true? i dont know. just hope she doesn't think she's bout to die or somethin or ill have to ram it in her ass. ive had girls ive smoked with think they're bout to die before and its a nucense
  12. Teach me...

    Then bang her.

  13. just remember when your done, wipe it on her face and whisper "Simba"

  14. i have never heard a better idea
    + rep
  15. LMFAO

  16. I intially read the thread title as "smoking out of my girlfriend tomorrow. advice?"
    and went into it prepared for an elaborate scheme to use her body as a bong.. freaky shit mane
  17. :hello:
  18. Hahahahhhahahha omg dude thanks for the new signature

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