Smoking Out Home Security Salesmen?

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  1. So basically  had a home security rep knock on my door today just after i got done smoking. I was stoned and it just kinda came out. I said hey man you smoke He paused and said umm I said yea like you smoke herb or what. He said yea, I said well you want to toke or what. I think it really thru him off you should have seen it.

  2. Lol a lot of those guys are stoners
    Stuff like that can really throw a person off like u said.  You just don't expect the average person to be cool enough to offer to smoke you up while you are working haha
  3. So did he smoke?
  4. Well did he OP?
  5. Shit man I want to hear the thrilling conclusion to this story. Not joking. 
  6. OP came through with the cliffhanger.
  7. It's like when you are pumping away, then she gets up and leaves not letting you finish.
  8. I think he wanted to throw us off aswell...
  9. that's epic. i would be afraid they report me lol
  10. yea he smoked but it took him a minute to originally except finally I just figured fuck it He walked into a house that was filled with smoke and I was in my own house so I just took a hit in front of him and passed him the bowel and I recently got ahold of some good herb so it had him blazed before he was gone it was great and he hooked me up on my home security 
    Well I dont grow so I dont have much to hide I have about a oz on hand give or take a little but never much more and always same bag so  not to worried but I live in a very small town and my neighbors are all old and quite
  12. But yea I did want to leave you hanging a little but planned on getting back on GC last night but crashed
  13. I hear people smoking up the pizza guy, the plumber, the electrician, and then they would get a discount on service lol. High people are nice people.
  14.  Yea he hooked me up. I ended up with a bunch of free cameras and motion sensors, but really if i wasnt stoned I would not even have prob got the system.
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    He was probably just put off by your bluntness....
    When I worked pizza delivery, some folks were like that. I was always glad to accept a smoke out in lieu of a tip....though I usually got their insistence. This is part of what I love about stoner culture....
  16. Yea I think the one thing with weed is that it has the ability to bring cultures together I have smoked with people from all walks of life. This guy was cool def dont regret it.
  17. Be careful with the home security, id be afraid the cops would show up for eveey little thing..what company is the security?
  18. Ok so today he came back to the house.So I anwser the door and say so whats up. But was really more of like dude wtf are you doing here. He tells me just some bullshit line about needing to check for service. I said bro if you just want to get high just say so like really, I get it he is out of town working just speak up. So I smoked him out. Then he took of like 25 min later. I just laughed as he walked out and said see ya next time..
  19. Who does that?? :confused:
  20. Usually when the drugs wear off and she wakes up

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