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Smoking Out Friends?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by twofortysx, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Just wondering what your guy's opinion is on blazing friends? Most of the time if I have bud I will share because its the polite thing to do but I feel like I'm wasting weed constantly on them for nothing in return. What do you guys think?

  2. i smoke my weed when i want to smoke it.  if friends happen to be around, they get in on it.  i'm not going to sweat it, it's just weed.  of course, if they're basically just your friend to mooch then action should be taken but i see nothing wrong with smoking with friends.
    also, you're only "wasting" weed if YOU think it's being wasted.  i dont think smoking out friends is a waste, other people do.
  3. Always, without fail. If I have the fundage, and one of my buddies doesn't you can bet he's getting lit up on the L. I've been broke plenty a time and nothing is sweeter then when one of your friends hits you up to burn and you reply "I'm broke" and immediately they say "I got you"  :hello:
  4. If they don't got any money then I smoke my friends out but If they never smoke me out even once I would stop sharing lol
  5. You shouldn't smoke your friends out of they won't return the favor OP. I really only smoke out my  true friends, but I don't really have none right now. Everyone else I smoke with, we just match 
  6. I agree with trees here.
    I smoke everyday, almost all day but I also grow my own. If friends happen to stop by, I'm usually smoking. If they can throw in, cool but if they can't then I understand. They don't mooch by any means either.
  7. I usually always let people in if I have anything but it gets to the point where its annoying because whenever you go to smoke they expect you to blaze them and they never buy.
  8. I smoke people out cause i like to share and want people to get high with me. I dont do it expecting something in return.
  9. I consider the relationship between smoking buddies to be like a marriage (no homo). You each have to contribute to the relationship whilst also helping your partner out in times of trouble. If one person is not contributing then the relationship will end in a divorce.
  10. My friend and I smoke together daily, splitting the cost of the sack. Usually if anyone else wants to smoke, we smoke them out anyway. Its worth it to have another friend there enjoying it. But usually people drop weed for the sesh so its a plus  :smoke:
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    I almost rarely smoke people out unless they ask me, and even then I kind of hate to do it. Sure it's polite, but when you smoke people out, your weed goes by WAYYYYYY too fast. If I could afford to smoke 24/7/365, I totally would share, but until then I pay my bills, and grab some herb when I have the money.
    Also, smoking with other people seems to bring down my high considerably, even good friends who I enjoy being around.
    I mostly smoke alone, get my moneys worth, enjoy my high.
  12. When I smoke I normally roll a blunt, whoever is in the circle when I roll up will get a hit. Everyone needs to hit the blunt, even once. I don't care if I don't know you, you're going to hit the blunt.

    The high is supposed to be shared in my opinion.
  13. I have smoked out life infinitely, and I will continue to do so. But these ppl that dont know how to return the favor or make it an equal exchange of energy, start expecting it. They got cut off

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