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Smoking out a first time smoker

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Psychmon, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I apologize if this has already been covered before...

    I've smoked people out before (in terms of sharing my shit) but I may have a friend coming by who has never smoked before. He has eaten special brownies before, something I never tried but from what i know the "high" from eating it is different than smoking it.

    I want to make sure if he smokes its a decent experience for him and make sure I can answer his questions/keep him in reality if needed.

    Being a casual smoker I'm trying to draw in part from my first time smoking and things my friend did for me to keep it comfortable:

    - let me sit in on a hot boxing to get a small feel for it. Let me have 2 hits first and told me to wait 10-20 min to see how it feels before having more.

    - Smoked me out during the daytime only and encouraged me to have a drink nearby, and encouraged me to walk around as needed.

    - Checked in with me if I seemed to be zoned out or acting weird.

    Other things I think might be useful:

    - Letting my friend choose the music for the setting (a safe place is already set up).

    - Having food and drink on hand along with cough drops.

    - Discouraging him from drinking much alcohol (he wants to drink and smoke and I think this isn't best idea for first time. For me if I drink and smoke too much, shit starts spinning and I either black out or get sick.)

    - Reduce my own use during the session. Have him take 2 hits and wait a bit to see how it feels.

    - Have him pull hits after lighting but when burning isn't as intense as first spark so it won't be as hot.

    Any other tips for helping make this experience decent for him, especially in terms if he gets any paranoia, anxiousness, panic. (Personally I know I get some paranoia and feel slowed down but I recognize it as all in my head). I think he'll be cool but just in case...
  2. make sure he inhales it right and light t for him. also if your smoking device has a carb make sure he knows how to use it.
  3. The first time I smoked nobody did any of that for me. Haha
    I hardly smoked anything and didn't get high the first couple of times. But the first time I actually smoked and got high I had smoked a Ton. It was fun, it felt like I was dreaming. Hahaha
    Seems like it would be less fun all planned out like that though. It'd make me think you were expecting me to like hallucinate or something. Smoking should be a lot more casual than all that if you ask me.
    My friends and I were just having a pretty low key but fun party. Haha

    But I agree with what mememantis said. I'd never even smoked cigarettes or anything before either so I wasn't really comfortable lighting it.
  4. you sound like a cool friend.

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