Smoking or Drinking?

Discussion in 'General' started by Romain, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Here at Grasscity we smoke weed. But alot of us also like to drink too. Weither it be just beer or just liqour or both; smoking and drinking are both quite different also. BUT if you had to choose to give up one of them, which would it be?

    For me it's not even close. I like to drink sometimes but i can't see why people do it so much. Yeah i have a good time doing it but certainly i dont like the taste of beer, or liqour (figures) and the next day i just feel like shit. Certainly i dont think its worth it.

    Rant me on if you want, but add input!

    Me: Smoking - 1
    Drinking - 0
  2. smoking takes the cake without even a hint of opposition.

    i'll drink a few beers at a party here or there, but i'm not to big of a drinker. i feel the same way, it just makes me feel crappy the next morning.

    weed will always be my drug of choice.
  3. I would give up drinking, didnt even have to think about that one. Drinkin is fun to me like every weekend or less, and I really only like beer. But ill always be a weed kinda guy
  4. For me, i never really got into the whole college party scene. Going out to play beer pong or anything like that and just constant drinking. Seeing as how i dont like alcohol that much, it hurts you alot more than weed would. Plus, i see most of these kids having beers for dinner later in their life or becoming alcoholics.
  5. ^^
    so true.

    i've never gotten into alcohol. don't really plan drinking games or anything like that.

    i love weed so much more. give me an iced up bong and my bag and i'm happy all night.
  6. Rump a bump
  7. weed weed weed!! i dont drink too much and cant down that hard stuff like some people...ill only do beer usually
  8. wow,....who here voted for alcohol?? wow

  9. Me either! and shots are definately not my friends....I usually always drink beer as well, but some days I want a beer and some days I dont, but you'll never hear me ''should I'' or ''shouldnt I'' with good ol MJ baby!:p
  10. II dont really have a preferance, because i dont normally drink or smoke these days.I Love takin some bong hits and chillin or going to a party, but I also like to have a couple beers. But a personal favorite of mine, is have like 3-4 beers and then smoke a bit. gets me feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelin fine its a more numb feeling but its nice.
  11. Weed ftw!
  12. I'm voting for both, a nice bowl and a few shots of rum and im good to go.

  13. depends on the party i am going to. some nights i wanna drink some alcohol, other night i want to get ripped
  14. I have already given up alchy, I hate to get drunk man it slows me down and makes me want to fight bro I'll stick to the trees. JOE>
  15. dude are you kidding i have had some of the best times ever when im drunk, when im high i just get really lazy and laugh but when im drunk i wanna go do shit. like crazy shit. thats what i love about it.

    same thing with me from the poster above me it always makes me want to fight someone but i kinda like that cause when youre drunk you don't take shit from anyone
  16. both are always fun,but; i would toss the bottle any day over a fatty.
  17. drinking sucks because if you drink too much you can get fucked up and make some bad decisions and your motor skills get messed up too, but when you smoke weed you dont get it that bad. and if you ever smoke too much weed you can just take a nap when ever and wake up and be fine.
  18. smoking doesn't make you bang a fat ugly chick, so i'll take smoking
  19. sounds like someone had a bad experince lol
  20. i had a bad experience just HUGGING two ugly ass girls when i was drunk. every time i saw them after that, they were always trying to feel me up. it was like a curse.

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