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Smoking once at night everyday on weekdays/weekends and sometimes all day on sunday

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 820661, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. What do you think about a full student in university who commutes to school so he lives at home, that does okay in school (decent average, kinda lazy but still studies and gets his work done on time) that smokes weed every night (around 8-10 pm I smoke around 3-4 bowls from my bong) and on weekends still party with friends? I will admit occasionally on sundays when i have nothing to do all day I will find myself to smoke all day but again only sometimes. the rest of the time I will live my life contently sober all day (go to school, hang out with friends, study) and after a long day I would sesh. what do you think? am i living a dangerous lifestyle or am i okay? People say smoking weed everyday is bad but i feel fine, but as the same time i could be hurting myself without even knowing. 

  2. As long as you dont spend your day thinking about smoking, I think it's ok. Smoke the weed, don't let the weed smoke you out

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  3. i dont see it as being any different from coming home and having a few drinks after a long day which is acceptable. smoking isnt good for you no matter what so you could try vaporizing if you want to be totally smoke free but i dont see smoking once a day everyday as being that harmful. i did it all day (almost)everyday for 2 years and only now has it begun to affect my lungs (coughing basically, just coughing more than i used to, especially in the morning) but i'm on the vape almost exclusively now so it's getting better
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  4. That's exactly how I smoke. Go to school in the day. Smoke at night. I'm doing great in all of my classes. Health wise, it probably isn't the best....I need to start looking for alternative smoking methods. I also feel fine, but I just hate when I'm smoking and can actually taste the lighter fluid. Other than that, I think you're okay.
  5. I think you care too much what strangers on the internet think of you. If you are an adult, just be yourself.
  6. I waited all day today and had two .2 bowls of some super haze got me pretty high i love this waterpipe  :bongin:

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