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smoking on the soccer field

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Burgh4Life, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. So just sitting on the field smoking bowl after bowl just staring at the moon using my phone GC App to make this thread. Im listening to cudi right now too. Anyone else have a place like this u use often? The field is right behind my house...actually its a colleges field haha but I've lived here for years and kno when I can and can't bring ppl and come smoke and layout here.
  2. Nice eh

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  3. I got a nice park I can walk to and smoke there. Dont have a frequent spot.
  4. search ur city man, find knoocks and crannys and ull find a spot.
  5. I can find somewhere on campus, but that's like a 10 minute drive. There is a golf course nearby...but it backs into some projects..........sketch.
  6. where do u go to university
  7. I smoke inside a pop up trailer. Except its closed so i lay down. Still nobody would go in their and i can let it air out when my rents aren't home
  8. during the day. i sometimes wake and bake than take my dumbass of a dog out side and just sit on the deck and stare at nature. nature is sexy

  9. Texas A&M


    I don't go there but I think you have a good football team. or some sports team idfk. I was in DC and me and my buddy smoke on a log right on the potomac it was sick. Great view of the washington monument and really cool at night. Only annoying part was a cop boat patrolling, pretty sure it was looking for suspicious boats but one time it started shining a light on the beach about 60 yards or so away from us. We hit the bowl once more and then bounced. Goood times. OH and smoking/watching the sunset at the lincoln memorial, amazing.

  11. Yeah we're pre-season #9 and our board of regents are meeting tonight to decide if we are going to join the SEC.
  12. op you gonna stay and look for the perseid meteor shower tonight?
  13. Smoke in my house unlike you high schoolers apparently
  14. Come on don't start more shit
  15. #15 Deleted member 445450, Aug 13, 2011
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    Not everyones in high school bud. My wife doesn't like me smoking in the house so I have to take it outside which kinda sucks especially if I'm using my water bong which I love to use....I need some patio furniture to chill out back with it...would make it better.
  16. #16 EyesSoLow, Aug 13, 2011
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    I smoke outside because sometimes in my room it gets boring. so I go on nature trips and smoke, it's really relaxing out there and fun exploring when im high. I just hate it when mosquitoes are out.
  17. Fuck yah i would love like a patios with some chairs and a tv and shit in the backyard. I like smoking out their but i dont want the neighbors to see. :rolleyes:
  18. #18 Deleted member 445450, Aug 13, 2011
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    Luckily our fence line is lined with tons of bushes and trees and we have about 3 acres of land all around so they'd need Binoculars to see what I'm doing haha. Not too worried about it.
  19. Damn igot neighbors all around. And it smells like bacon :rolleyes:

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