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Smoking-On-The-Go [Packing Guide]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AsianPotHead, May 13, 2010.

  1. Congrats. You just found a thread that will teach you how to pack EVERYTHING YOU'LL NEED FOR A SESSION into the palm of your hands: This includes, bongs, weed, joints, lighters, etc.

    Key item you need: A Carrying case (My suggestion: Camera/GPS holder/pouch)

    Items you can store on the go:
    1. Mini Bong (Mine was bought for $10) - its easier to buy one with its own screen
    2. lighter
    3. Screens (Or Tin foil + a Pin)
    4. 2 drop bottles (One filled with bong water and the other is filled with Visine) - make sure you label them
    5. zig-zags and pre-rolled filters
    6. a cardboard sploof
    7. weed stored in dime bags (MUST BE GRINDED)
    8. Pipes (to replace mini bong if you want)

    This way if you are a daily smoker and you're usually traveling to friends houses ... this is a good way to stay stealth and be packed ahead of time.
  2. #7: lol Why "MUST" the weed be grinded? And why does it have to be in dimebags? I would think it would be more of a hassle/inconvinience to have like 12 little bags packed up when you could easily put it all in just one bag?

    This all just seems like overkill, imo. You could easily just buy a dub and a dutch and call it a day.

    Also, this has already been done by many...
  3. #4 brought the lulz but it was a good list! :hello:


    All you need:

    A joint. :wave:

  5. All you need is a blunt and some bud for smoking on the go. just my 2 cents
  6. is this supposed to be a joke...? if not i guess its a very basic guide... :confused:
  7. I wouldn't carry it in alot of individual bags, Because they may try to charge you for possession with intent to sell. Why don't you just roll some blunts, get an eye dropper, and a lighter. Basic and easy.
  8. AsianPotHead, part of the reason why weed is still illegal.

  9. x2 this kid needs to stop posting.
  10. can anyone else imagine this kid sitting down with his little pack of smoking stuff and being like "awwwwww man! i forgot to grind it up :mad: my stoner kit is not complete! all my buddies are gonna laugh at me!"

    this is repetitive and unnecessary, not to mention having a bunch of "dime" bags will only get you an intent to distribute charge. :laughing:
  11. Lemme edit your guide buddy,
    All ya need is some:
    Of course, the weed.
    Joints/Blunts for convenience
    Pipes or Bongs if your cool
    Eye drops (optional)
  12. so if the cops check you... your fucked
  13. that's a lot of stuff dude :laughing:
  14. keep one rolled in the louis pouch -Wiz
  15. I transport my smallish bong in a sweatshirt, inside my backpack. Got my bud in there, lighter, etc. I just break it up by hand, as I find it gets me higher.
  16. You mean a nice way to be charged with paraphenalia, intent to sell, and such other things?

    /thread :wave:

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