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Smoking-On-The-Go [Packing Guide]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AsianPotHead, May 13, 2010.

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    Congrats. You just found a thread that will teach you how to pack EVERYTHING YOU'LL NEED FOR A SESSION into the palm of your hands: This includes, bongs, weed, joints, lighters, etc.

    Key item you need: A Carrying case (My suggestion: Camera/GPS holder/pouch)

    Items you can store on the go:
    1. Mini Bong (Mine was bought for $10) - its easier to buy one with its own screen
    2. lighter
    3. Screens (Or Tin foil + a Pin)
    4. 2 drop bottles (One filled with bong water and the other is filled with Visine) - make sure you label them
    5. zig-zags and pre-rolled filters
    6. a cardboard sploof
    7. weed stored in dime bags (MUST BE GRINDED)
    8. Pipes (to replace mini bong if you want)

    This way if you are a daily smoker and you're usually traveling to friends houses ... this is a good way to stay stealth and be packed ahead of time.
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  3. This is an insult to my intelligence. I do not need a guide on an internet forum to know that I can put things in a carrying case to take them places.
  4. my list:

    -packed VaporGenie
  5. Is this carrying case for when you want to go show your new haircut to everybody?


  6. Rofl, dude this is like a packing list for felony charges............

    grow up man.
  7. Heres my list.
    papers or pipe
  8. WHAT, ok here is a guide, from my perspective, in my town, where the cops arent fucking up your ass all day.

    Heres What You Need:
    1 back pack (essential for bong)/pants with; A) multiple cargo pockets. B) pockets big enough to hold a pipe
    2. Your Sack, whatever size it is, bring it, unless your packing mad a qp. *Note If holding more than a half zip, a back pack is recommended.
    3. A lighter, or if summer and good contition, a magnifying glass...Always have one anyway, to zoom scope your dank nugs...duh....
    4. Pipe, bubbler, bong, chillum, pocket vape, ive taken my vape in my back pack..... whatever your puffin outta
    5. Fuck water, iced fucking tea, that shit is the bomb....or water, or soda, fuck i dont care, bring some gatorade too.
    6.Something pokey....bowls get clogged..
    7. Optional (for non rollers) papers/ wraps.
    8. If you want to bring anything else, or exclude any items above, i dont give a fuck im so high dude.... fuck
  9. no spray no gum? oh shiz!
  10. how can you fit enough bong water in an eyedrop bottle...?
  11. A ASIAN SMOKING WEED???!!... i respect that, keep smoking ur bud
  12. So what happens to his eyes???

  13. they slowly open up!

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