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smoking on the first encounter

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SkateDestroy36, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Share your experiences of smoking with people you just met.

    I just moved into a new townhouse and I caught my neighbor as we were both about to go inside and we started to talk when I mentioned 420 and he brought his sherlock glass over to my place and I matched him a bowl of dank in my bong. Good to know at least one of my neighbors is a stoner.
  2. One time i was up at a park about to roll a blunt with a couple of friends and in the car a couple spaces next to us was this guy probly about 19 smoking a cig. My friend feindin for one of course asked if he could bum a cig and he just said "what? oh ..this isnt a cig" and right away we were like shit? he was cherbin a batty so we decided to match on some blunts. pretty funny when unexpected things like that happen :smoking:
  3. Me and my boy were chillin in his jeep in this really obscure area of a mall parking lot, just got done smoking a bowl and we were about to pack another.

    These 3 highschool looking kids start walking like right past us, they go right in front of us, in this obscure area, thinking no one is around.

    I see one of them start to empty the tobacco out of a cigarette.

    At this point, my boy and I are laughing so hard cause they're so oblivious and one of em is even all intensely looking around and finally, he spots us.

    Basically, what follows is, they come to us asking us if we care what's goin on, we laugh, explain that they're among friends and invite them into our hotbox. We match bowls and they peaced.

    It was really a smooth, fun encounter.
  4. At my college freshman orientation I had met two other kids who smoked and we just chilled for the whole first day. My brother lived in the same town as the college and was willing to pick us up and smoke us out. So that night he got us, we rode around blazing a little, we got some food, then he dropped us off back at campus. It was fun and made that shit pretty memorable/tolerable.
  5. One time I went to my favorite smoking spot and these high schoolers passed me a blunt while i was just chilling listening to music. Those were cool little fuckers.
  6. I moved from the US to England a couple years back to do some volunteer work. My first week I was just riding my skateboard around and took a seat next to a fountain, this guy came up to me and we started talking. He said something about smoking a joint and one thing led to another and we sat in a grass field and smoked a couple joints together. It was probably my favorite smoking experience ever. This guy had just moved from Pakistan to England to go to school, he had only been in England for about a month. We spent the whole time talking about each others countries and life in general. It was just an amazing experience to meet someone that comes from a world so different than mine yet we had so much in common. I learned that day that no matter where you come from in life and in this world that we are all just going through life exactly the same way regardless of the country we call home. And people are smoking weed all over the place, and it can really bring people together just like it did us if people gave it the chance...
  7. That's a great example jo4cool. I discovered this when I went to Australia also. That regardless of what you consider to be home, the weed does bring people together. Something about smoking with someone new, different, or just having someone around that makes it an interesting encounter.

    I remember this one time, I was smoking outside and just walking around. Came to a stop in a parking lot. Then I proceeded to sit down and finish what I was smoking, just enjoying my high before returning to my house of non-smokers when I came across another person. He was lured over by the smell of the smoke. First thinking I was busted, played it off. But he was persistant and eventually we started bullshitting and then later he got me a job and if I was still up north, would probably have it. All kinds of people do smoke and it's a great networking tool also..awesome topic.
  8. About a 5 min walk from my house is a place called the benches, its where everyone chills. You can always find someone ready to match you. :D
  9. I'm pretty canny at picking out the smokers in a given crowd. I was at a NYE party with about 45 people of all different ages, and I dropped a hint that I was going to grab my last bowl of the decade, and got to smoke with quite an attractive stranger.

    Problem was, she got super ripped and couldn't even talk the rest of the night. Oh well.
  10. i was at a party at my buddies house at MSU, and was in the garage with a few buddies enjoying a cigarette. this big black guy came into the garage with another one of his friends and pulled out a blunt. he immediately asked us if we wanted to smoke. of course we were down, so i pulled out my wallet and grabbed 5. he looked at me and told me no need he was smoking us down. it was a pleasant surprise that this guy would just smoke down a few strangers, especially since all of our dealers were dry or not answering. it made my night, good look friendly stranger.
  11. Well i was driving to pick up a friend at his house where a few houses down i find his brother walking, so i say wanta hit this, he says yeah, we smoke and it was his first time. magical
  12. Went to a party in another town, dealer brought over some fine bud for my friend just a 20 bag and the dealer had a nice nug that was about the shape of the strawberry but the size of an orange weighed it out and said he was gunna stay for a while, ended up smoking the whole nug :D
  13. I was snowboarding recently and I was riding up and this guys asks us hey you guys mind if I smoke a little dope. I said not if you pass a little my way haha. He was cool.
  14. I was twelve the first time I encountered dank I found some plants growing in a closet. Actually my friend showed them to me because they were his big brothers and we were both curious what it was like to smoke weed. I ripped a premature nug off a huge cola and rolled it up in a zigzag that he had gotten from his dad.
    The nug was not even broken up so it just burned the paper up and was too wet anyway to smoke.
    The first time I really got ripped was off some roaches my friend had got from his moms tray.
  15. One of the first times I'd smoked and gotten high was with my friend who I hadnt seen in almost a year and his friend, some guy I hate. They had a lung made out of a wine bottle (Which just blew my mind) and we went to one of my neighbors, who my friend knew, and bought about an 1/8 I think.

    We went across the street to the school yard and started smoking behind a portable. (Do they have those outside of Canada? I never really thought about that lol, probably i guess..) We smoked just about everything super fast because I lived right across from the school and could see my house, I started to think my mom saw us buying weed (We did the deal on the lawn lol there was like 20 ppl there for some reason, but only 2 smoked with me) and I was super paranoid, but then that made me realize it was working so I became happy.

    I think that the weed was laced with something, Idk what, becuase it was unlike any high id every experianced to this day, I saw sharp borders around EVERYTHING that where yellow and vibrated everytime I moved and looked like electricity, I also kept having out of body experiances that shot me back into reality for a split second as soon as I noticed them, and my friend decided that I should ride his bike and I blacked out and woke up on the ground with the bike on top of me.

    The entire night I couldnt feel any amount of pain, especially the bike, and my friends mom kicked me out at like 9 for some reason. (I was like her second child at the time lol)
  16. That's why I love MSU. I've smoked many people out, but as the world would have it I've met plenty of friendly strangers more than willing to invite me into their circle. One time I was walking to get a pack of cigs and a few dudes were out on their front porch burning joints. It was about 9:00am on a weekday, and they seemed spooked when I came around the corner, so I looked back and said something like "breakfast of champions, eh boys?" Well, damn if I wasn't high off their bud in ten minutes.

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