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Smoking on probation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drosmoke34, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I live in Texas and am currently on probation for a marijuana charge. I was an everyday smoker and I haven't smoke in nearly two weeks. I hate not being able to smoke, ive had trouble sleeping and I'm overall not as happy as usual. I've turned to drinking more but it just isn't the same. Anybody have any info on how I can continue to smoke even with drug testing every month?
  2. Lol you could attempt to pull a creatine bulk and THC diluting on your piss

    Take creatine.... on a regular basis. Drink massive quantities of water regularly, and take more of both on days you have a UA...

    they measure if you diluted your piss with water by the creatine levels, if you add creatine, and then dilute they have no way of proving you just dont drink a good amount of water

    Id look more into it for specifics lol..... but my friend smoked the entire duration of his probation and never failed a UA doing this
  3. either get someone who doesnt smoke to piss for you and get a wizzinator,or just wait it out.

    ive been on probation for 4 years and for the first 3 i fucked off and smoked and failed most of my tests(about 22)got sent to rehab got out and passed a couple tests and haven't been tested since(about a year and a half ago)
    if i woulda just passed the first few tests for probation i woulda never had to go threw all that bullshit,but it was my mistake,dont make the same.

    tl;dr pass the first 2-3 tests and your in the clear.or get some fake/clean piss.

  4. Lol the worst is the beginning when you have supervised UA's and not even a wizzinator passes for a real dick if they are actually staring at your shit HAHAHAHAHAH

    My friend tried, and the guy "grabbed the wizzinator and attempted to pull it out of his pants"

    imagine if it hadnt been one man....... but that guy got fuckin fired for it anyway lol

  5. that woulda been hilarious if it wasn't fake,hed probably get sexual assault charges brought up!

    and yes i know all about them staring at your junk!it fuckin sucks to have to piss in a cup in front of some 40 year old meat gazer.if i was the guy who had to supervise those things id just stare at the ceiling,theres no way im gunna check out some dude pissing in a cup.

  6. Hahaha yea man.... luckily the peeps who supervise mine are legit and just stand in the bathroom with their backs turned. But they do have a mirror lined up right at dick level so they can easily check your junk out if they turn around lol
  7. It depends on how important smoking is to you.
    You're taking a hell of a risk, if your PO wants to, he can make your life hell.
  8. If you are on probation, that means your PO can come to your house at any time, and he will have the right to search you and your pad. He could fuck you over just for having a bong.

    The best thing you could do is just take this experience as a long tolerance break. If you only smoke once a month you might be tempted to do it more often making problems for yourself.

    i was in rehab once so I had to quit, i thought i would be able to just smoke once and I wouldn't be tempted to continue.

    lucky i was not on probation at the time or i wouldve been fucked. People who did fuck up on probation were sent to camps like wilderness, sometimes military; some go straight to jail depending on the nature of their charges; sent to detox if they relapse on a whole bunch of things usually it involves alcohol.

    So I just stopped showing up to the treatment after I smarted smoking everyday and eventually paid off my fines.

    Lol not the best advice, but take it how you will

  9. Yea the PO coming to your house is so lame... luckily mine doesnt do that, and my med card states i can still possess/buy/grow cannabis, just not use it, and i can have paraphernalia as long as im pissing clean, obviously hahahahha
  10. if you have to see your PO once a month just smoke the week after you see her and stop till you see her again thats what i did it worked for me you can have small traces and still pass as long as the line is visible your good

  11. It doesnt always work that way...

    ive seen my current PO once, and ive taken 5 UA's and 30 breathalizers

    failed 0 lol

    Lots of the UA's dont occur when you have a PO meeting..... AND your PO can call and make you take a test whenever... so lets say you try this and get called for a test. You are fucked
  12. do not fuck with probation, ur asking for a world of trouble later, get over it bro, fire back up after

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