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Smoking on my porch

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lemonindica, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Sup blades, so recently myself and my best friend have moved into a small place for a while now since we both landed very good jobs in the particular area. Now my friend doesn't smoke, and out of respect I told him I'd only smoke outside, and I see no problem in that, I prefer it actually. Problem is, we have neighbors just across the road and maybe 30 yards to the side of us. If I was smoking my pipe outside and say one of them came outside and saw me, do you think there would be any problem? Or am I protected legally since it's on my property?

    Thanks for any replies in advance:smoke:
  2. i wish i had the answer..
  3. Couldn't tell you, but I seriously doubt any of your neighbors give enough of a fuck to call the cops on you for smoking a pipe, and even if they did you'd be indoors long before the cops arrived, so you'd be in the clear.

    And if you plan to sit on the deck for awhile after and are really worried about it, stash the pipe indoors or somewhere on the deck not near you after you finish toking.

  4. if they seem like a goody goody family, then they might have a poroblem with it, but not much enough to call the cops
  5. Ur good man i smoke on my porch and it connects to 9 total apartments but only at night
  6. Make sure you don't see somebody just standing there watching you, but other then that it should be fine.
  7. Just get a wood pipe that old people smoke baccy out of and then it will just look like your smoking legally
  8. [quote name='"Retrix"']Just get a wood pipe that old people smoke baccy out of and then it will just look like your smoking legally[/quote]

    This is good
  9. the wood pipe idea is good.

    i live in cramped together houses and smoke outside all the time but its usually a joint. the neighbours have probably smelt it downwind a few times but i dont give a fuck, no harm being done and we're a quiet house that doesnt throw parties and shit.
  10. smoke joints so they look like cigarettes from afar
  11. You're good man. Don't over think it. I smoke out of my window and i live in a flat above a KFC and several shops. Police ride past all the time and I can guarantee you people will not give enough of a shit to even look at you long enough to see what you're doing.

    Just be normal and people will not batter an eye lid.
  12. i think of it this way

    your smoking out of a glass tobacco pipe

    how do they know whats inside of it?

    Could be tobacco, could be hash, they just dont know
  13. Just be friendly and nobody should care and mind their own business, you're not hurting anyone or doing anything bad. Just hope you don't have nosy old bastard neighbors.
  14. Even if your neighbors smelled weed and saw you smoking then called the police, the police could only do something if they pulled up, saw you smoking and smelled weed. If the police themselves see no illegal activity than the second an officer steps on your property kindly ask him if he has a warrant and if not, kindly ask him to leave.

    Also if you are really that worried, keep a spare cigarette on the porch or near it so you can light up a cig if anything were to happen.

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