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Smoking on greyhound

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thatstonedwrestler, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Can I smoke a g pen (wax) on the greyhound

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  2. Sure, in life you have to take risks.
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  3. I would probably just wait until I get to my destination, but I also don't like taking unnecessary risks.
  4. Edibles, chief. Edibles.
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  5. Nobody might be able to smell over the toilet and body odor that will be filling up that juicy ride. I would venture 1/2 the people that have to ride the greyhound are high on something.....if nothing else but to tolerate the 2 day trip to go 500 miles lol. As much as those busses stop and you can't figure out how to get high away from people, WOW.....
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  6. Just smoke outside when the bus stops at a rest stop. If seen plenty of people do this on GH although I never did. I did carry bud on me tho
  7. How is security there

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  8. I agree,do it on the bog whilst taking a massive dump.This will stop āœ‹ inquisitive noses.

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  9. well I usually ride at 1am so security is non existent. No security at rest stops, its just a gas station in the middle of nowhere
  10. How do u get through security with it?
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  11. That post is 3 years old
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