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smoking on college campus

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sk55, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I want to smoke on my campus. I plan to go to my vehicle and smoke there. It has a huge cab so ill be able to keep myself unseen for the most part. However I'm not sure whether to leave the windows up or cracked. If I get caught and they're up it'll be obvious I was smoking even if I can get rid of the evidence. But if they're down wouldn't a passerby/campus cop driving by be able to smell it? Also, any other tips for me?
  2. Drive off campus if u get caught off campus then youd be in way trouble

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  3. I used to smoke in my car before my summer classes at a community college. just be stealthy about it. know your surroundings a few days before you start smoking there. make it as inconspicuous as possible and of course, time is of the essence. I keep the battery running on mine, run air at the windshield setting so it's not directly hitting the smoke in my face and let it circulate the smoke wit all windows cracked ever so slightly. that was how I did it. hope it helps!

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  4. This doesn't make sense. Are you saying on campus I'd be in more trouble? Its a liberal arts college, if you get caught you get your stuff confiscated and a penalty on school record. I think it takes a couple times to get really screwed. But I'd rather avoid any trouble.
  5. Also, thinking about investing in vape pen for this very purpose. Good idea?
  6. Dude you can just smoke your joint outside like it's a cigarette, I do right in front of my school's library and I don't even respect the ''smoke at least 9 meters away'' rule, nobody ever spoke to me. If you're using a bong or a pipe it's a different story haha.
  7. Haha I use a pipe. Plus we aren't that lenient here.
  8. That's my plan when I get my tax returns! They look a lot easier to hide and stuff

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  9. I smoke right outside of my dorm at this patio. I've never met anyone not cool with it. Most just ignore it or they might want to toke with me

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  10. Damn! Where y'all go?

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