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Smoking on a empty stomach?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by KanekiKen, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. So I have been smoking for years now. And when I smoke, I usually smoke on a empty stomach, well all the time. I only eat once a day, sometimes twice. (afternoon/before I go to sleep)

    I can't eat before I smoke because I don't get hungry (even if i'm on a empty stomach) unless i'm high.

    But I don't like to eat afterwards because I feel like it destroys the buzz. So what's the best way around this?

    Maybe eating right when I wake up, chill for a few til I don't feel 'full' (I don't have a big appetite), then smoke?

    (But even then that might be difficult because I have to be 'high' for the eating to trigger, but don't wanna destroy the buzz either).
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    I've run into this problem many times. I'm always conflicted between smoking prior to eating because it makes food taste amazing, or smoking afterwards for a longer more intense euphoria. A wise man then bestowed upon me this gift of wisdom..."smoke one bowl before....*hit joint*...and another after." Hope that helps
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  3. Hm that does seem like a good idea, might try that out.
  4. I've got no suggestions but I also only eat once a day, always before I sleep. First time I've seen someone say the same thing lol.
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  5. Yeah man it's weird. Your the first person I met to say the same thing as well LOL. I mean i'm not *that* bothered by it, just curious if there was a loophole I haven't thought of yet.
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  6. :smoke: I used to only eat once a day too. I still only do some days. What you can try, work out in the morning or something to build an appetite. I eat a small snack in the morning or afternoon like chips and a juice. Helps with the munchies after the wake n bake.
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  7. Sounds like you have an issue with eating rather than with weed

    correct your dietary situation then eat imo

    see the weed to look forward too
  8. I would rather kill my buzz than to go on a growling stomach with the munchies. Eating food is one of the rewards of smoking weed :)
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  9. Yeah i'm probably just going to have to force myself to eat when I wake up or in the afternoon then before sleep. I can't smoke afterwards it kills my buzz and i'm not sure why.
  10. Eating food (good food) is one of the great rewards of life.
  11. Agreed. And weed makes it even greater.
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  12. Long ago I had the same dilemma. Turns out that cannabis plays with your mind, like a drug.
    If you can't eat before a high, that's an issue somewhere, maybe you rely on smoking too much.

    Anyways, I tend to eat before I get high, thrn snack on something while I'm high.

    Everyone's different, experiment.
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  13. Don't habituate your eating habits with anything including smoking marijuana...
    But I do that too a lot of times but u know there are some people that get fat from weed cause they eat too much...
    Then there are those that lose weight...

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  14. If eating food kills your high, you aren't doing weed right...

    Like others have said, maybe you have an issue with eating like anorexia but who are we internet folks to know this?

    Smoke weed round the clock and conserve energy when you must.
  15. I had to create an account to address your comment, now don't get me wrong, the op may actually have an eating disorder, but if not, there is NO reason someone needs to eat more than one time if they so choose, intermittent fasting has been scientifically proven to be healthy and not dangerous, it has added health benefits and many other good things about it. The "starvation mode" has been proven to be a myth (the study was called Minnesota Starvation Study). We could go way deeper into detail, but that's not what the post is about, just wanted to clear the air, lol
  16. It's certainly more of a food-related problem than a pot smoking problem, I say that because of experiences. Once I solved my diet and eating problems, I never had any more problems. Anyway I got this post on the internet that might help you get answers if you still have them: Smoking Weed On An Empty Stomach? (You Won’t Like This!)
    For me it was a great help, it helped me to understand basically what the effects of smoking marijuana on an empty stomach are and in part, it made me inclined to treat my eating disorder.
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    Smoking on an empty stomach is not recommended. First of all, it is not good for your health. It is also worth remembering that marijuana affects you much better when you have eaten. I think that every smoker has noticed this at least once. That's why I always recommend having a good meal before having a good smoke Alpine Live Resin derived terpenes .
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    I used to eat only at least once a day. I'm still doing that on a few days. You can workout in the morning or doing something to increase your appetite. I have a small meal in the morning and afternoon such as chips and juice. It helps with munchies after the wake and bake.

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