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Smoking on a Daily Basis

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UhForgotMyName, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking on a daily basis for the past 4 months. I started school back in January, and have managed to stay stoned. Also, managed to maintain an A average. Anyone have any good things that have occurred for you regardless of your marijuana use?
  2. yes, other people have good things happen to them.
  3. Ehh, I wouldn't do that.
    Fucks up your tollerance.
  4. I don't get smoking everyday. I like to look froward towards the weekend to smoke and jut relax no work to worry about or waking up early, makes the high more enjoyable and relaxing.

  5. This. Last summer I used to look forward to smoking exclusively on fri and sat nights just to unwind and enjoy the weekend. It was perfect for me, I went through 1/8 in like a month to month and a half depending on how much I smoked those nights.

    After awhile I sortve bent to thursdays and sundays, then tuesdays, then mondays, and finally wednesdays. At one point it was everyday, but Ive since toned it back down to the weekends.

    Nothing good came to me whilst smoking everyday. If anything I was just losing alot of money by smoking everyday.
  6. I smoke at least twice a day. It kills my tolerance and I never get "high", but it alleviates any unhappiness I have and just makes everyday a gift. It helps me appreciate everything a little more.

  7. you need to take Omega 3, look into it.
  8. does that omega 3 really help on tolerance? cause i straight fucked mine up lol
  9. Smoked some of soph year of college, most of my junior year and nearly everyday senior year and now in 2nd year med school.

    just gotta remember you smoke weed, weed doesn't smoke you. All about priorities.

    As for Omega-3 and tolerance, currently there are studies done on mice in vivo, but there is no conclusive evidence that increasing Omega-3 intake through supplementation or through diet has a direct effect on desensitizing cannabinoid receptors thus leading to lowering ones tolerance.

    You should be taking more Omega-3 anyway regardless!
  10. I smoke everyday, and still get straight As
  11. I have smoked daily for several years about a gram or little less at nite few hrs before bed and various times thru the day on weekends. I've managed to lead a pretty productive and fruitful life so far with a decent career job and maintaining a family home. Many of my close friends lead similar lifestyles. I think it's a matter of being able to prioritize, having a sense of responsibility and the drive to get shit done. Being consistent with these things and enjoying smoking and relaxing as my private "downtime" .. At appropriate times, keeping focus on growing as an individual and progression toward further financial stability or whatever goals

    You can get high daily and have positive things occur in your life, lots of people are succeful and smoke bud as far as I can tell
  12. I'm a weekend stoner... Friday after school, a bowl. Friday night, another bowl, before bed, another bowl. Saturday, maybe one bowl during the day, and bowl before bed.. Sunday, bowl after homework..
    Some weekdays though if there is nothing to do and no homework, I will smoke.
    Now when summer comes along, blazed every fucking second...
  13. i vape all day, high alll the time

  14. Thats how I was I never use to smoke everyday but I just couldnt resist seeing it sit there when I started buyin 1/8 and 1/4. Upto about a month ago a 1/4 wasnt even lasting 5 days then I really noticed how much I was spending on weed and just completly stopped for like 3 weeks and now I only buy dimes when ever im in the mood to smoke which now is probably 2 times a week. Best decision ever made lol
  15. I have shorter recovery times from lifting weights and wrestling (and dabbing in MMA), it especially helps right after I take a cold shower right after I finish my workout, helps me relax and get started on my next goal (usually eating!).

    It doesn't really help me in school, I'd say it hurts me more than it hurts me to be honest. I'd rather be high for writing papers, but everything else it either makes no change, or in a few categories it makes school harder, like doing podcasts and actually going.

  16. +1 for vaping. Vape everyday, maintain a high GPA in University, in the best shape of my life physically (cardio + strength).
  17. [quote name='"PrinceOfTheCity"']
    +1 for vaping. Vape everyday, maintain a high GPA in University, in the best shape of my life physically (cardio + strength).[/quote]

    I feel like i dont get quite as high when i vape, like the weed doesnt really hit me. Temp only goes up to 400 on my vape, definitely gets me high but my bubbler can straight knock me out and in 1 quick bowl i'm super high.
  18. ^ i feel the same way with vape vs bongs/js. i enjoy vaping, but the high is too mellow sometimes i wanna get ktfo

  19. Really? It seemed to have an opposite effect on me. Last spring I was really training for some bjj competitions and I found smoking killed my endurance, cardio and overall focus-ability. I stopped for 2 weeks before a comp and did really good.

  20. Yea man, I smoke before I workout sometimes too (I don't like it when I lift weights, but love it for plyometrics, cardio, and any other workout like wrestling or HITT routines.)

    But its really helpful to smoke just after working out/after workout shower. I like that to be my first smoke of the day, definitely helps with the soreness and muscle tension.

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