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Smoking On A Cruise

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by irock1336, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Ok so i might be going on a cruise with some family friends i think it would be a good opertunity to toke. Problem is i dont know how i can get away with it. I was thinking i would just do the shower trick where u run the shower and steam up the room and also take small hits and blow through a sploof and run the exaughst fan so the smoke leaves the room. good idea or too sketch suggestions apreciated thanks :wave:
  2. that'll work
    or you can excuse yourself and just wander off with a joint in hand
    its really no big deal, as long as your not so obvious and looking over your shoulder
    i spent my last cruise the entire time with a blunt in hand
  3. Already been answered... lol
  4. make a sploof and toke on the deck at night or in your room. the hardest part is getting it on the cruise... amirite
  5. I went on a cruise 3 weeks ago. I could've got some weed at some of the stops we made but decided to take a week long t break instead. Soooo worth it:smoke:
  6. When I went on a cruise, there wasnt any searching getting on, just metal detectors and i think they check your luggage possibly
    Would be no problem at all taping a 8th of dank under your nutsack

    Shit, they didnt even check you going back on. I brought back a nice box of cuban cigars ;)

    As far as the smoking goes, get a Smoke Buddy that you blow the smoke into, and do it in the bathroom like you said with the shower steamed up. then spray some shit and it wont be a problem at all
  7. ya the shower and sploof idea kinda sounds good
  8. shouldnt be too hard last time i went on a cruise the security was pathetic just a shitty metal detector and btw could i put a lighter in my luggage
  9. hmm... where did u go im going to the bahamas and ur from boston i am originally where abouts u at
  10. My cruise had a put put course on the top deck and I used to toke there at like 3 in the morning. The breeze was nice too!
  11. hah nice i remember the put put from last time i went on a cruise

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