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Discussion in 'General' started by dimebagboi01, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Hi, I usually don't have a lot in my stash, but I have heard a lot of people say you can get super high off of one hit if you exhale it into a plastic bag and keep breathing it in and out. I personally have never tried it but does anybody know if this works? or does anybody know of any tips to get high off a small amount of weed?
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  2. No, Billy. Just say no.
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  3. Man you are gonna absorb the thc right away and just be inhaling unhealthy crap.. it'll make you feel higher because you are starving your brain but not from the weed.

    Grow journal
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  4. Get a ladder ... climb it , smoke your weed = getting high off a small amount of weed , your welcome :smoking-hookah:
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  5. No Billy. Just get a lower tolerance and smoke small amounts at a time but take big hits.
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  6. this helped me so much thank you:smoking-banana:
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  7. Use a hitter i noticed if i smoke the amount i'm smoking with any other medium a hitter takes longer and kinda savors what your burning than say a bong or a blunt that's gonna keep burning and get wasted or burn way more than you need for one super hit off packing a bong than with that same packing amount you can turn into like multiple hits giving you a more chill hang out session till you feel content.

    When i'm low on stuff i just start savoring it on a hitter maybe once in a while even when low ill one hit on something else but i feel it helps.
  8. If you're broke, maybe smoking weed can wait.
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  9. True , but brutal dude ;-D
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  10. Grow your own weed. The initial investment can be expensive, but in the long term.. its a win.

    Of course, failing that.. there's another obvious option, but it can't be discussed. :pimp:
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  11. LOL I've actually tried the bag method before, it was not that great. You can try doing some deep breathing for like 15 minutes before smoking a bowl and you'll most definitely get higher off that little bowl.

    Benefits of Deep Breathing

    "Deep breathing releases endorphins throughout the body. Endorphins are feel-good, natural painkillers created by our own bodies."

    And best of all, breathing is FREE! :D
  12. The bag method only works if you seal it around your neck with duct tape and count to 128.


    Just kidding. DON'T PUT BAGS ON YOUR HEAD.

    <_< Jeeziz, where to start...?
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  13. I know. The euphoria associated with oxygen deprivation is experienced by weed smokers, but only because they've been holding their hit to absorb all the THC from the smoke. You can experience that short term euphoria without weed by kneeling down, taking ten deep breaths in rapid succession, then standing up.

    That light headedness is temporary, and only lasts a few seconds. A proper marijuana high will last for hours, and is very different in nature.

    So. Just say no to asphyxiation. Wait until you can have enough weed to get high. :GettingStoned:
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  14. Best way to get high off of a small amount of weed is to hit it with a gravity bong. That's what I'm doing right now. Can't get any until Friday so I'm using my vaped weed with kief in between.

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  15. Yeah ... rob a bank like Jane said :rave-girl::cop:
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  16. sure bests the hell outa sniffin burlap (jim stafford)

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