Smoking On a Budget?

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  1. So im quitting weed for a couple months to save for rent money when i eventually get my own place. My question to you is... how hard is it to pay for your rent, utilities and groceries as well as smoke about a half o of dank a month?
  2. A lot easier if you have a job and you switch to vaporising ;)
  3. Make sure you grind well and use a vape or some form of bong if possible.
  4. Get a one-hitter.
  5. If your about to have your own spot, grow it
  6. make good money at work and its no problem at all
  7. I only work 4 months a year and I have been doing alright. The other 8 months im in university and once i have paid my tuition and rent, then i have enough left over for food, booze and dope. Just buy in bulk and conserve moderately. I can smoke daily without consuming too much bud, just stick to vaping and bong snaps.
  8. Food stamps :p....that is if you cant barely buy food either :eek:
  9. roommates
  10. Growing is a federal offense...might be too risky.

  11. You don't count (for the purposes of this thread), because you live in Canada, so your government helps you in some way instead of fucking you at every opportunity.

  12. So is murder but that doesn't stop killers.
  13. I would like to think that weed smokers on this site are more rational than that. Growing weed where neighbors could easily smell it would be risky...
  14. OP here what I did over the last 2 years. I lived in an apartment, with a grow tent in the back closet, and would do 1 or 2 plants at a time. harvested about 26oz overall in that time. Not a whole lot of weed really, but roughly equivalent to the amount of rent I had to pay. Which means I could smoke lots and lots of free weed, and just pay my rent with the paycheck. Not a bad gig at all.
  15. Its not that hard, I normally say if you can not afford it then dont buy it.
  16. Get your priorities right man.
    Get food in you belly, keep a roof over your head and if you can afford to smoke then great!

    Smoke joints, not blunts.

  17. This to the grave. And switch to glass it will save you more.
  18. No hard at all I'm rich
  19. since weed is the most addictive substance on earth you should do what heroin addicts do and sell your body for drugs.
  20. [quote name='"nate256"']since weed is the most addictive substance on earth you should do what heroin addicts do and sell your body for drugs.[/quote]

    this. Btw Nate that is a great avatar. Love that album

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