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smoking old weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mc9391, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. well i recently was trying to smoke a bong before going to see Captain America quick (I love goin to the movies high for some reason), well i ended up only getting halfway thru a it and having to leave. (i got high still, just ended up savin half a bong and not really using more than i needed to). well after that i went outta town and went to my grandparents for a month to visit my family and stuff, and came back and totally forgot i had that half a bowl. So i smoked it and im high as fuck. i know some of its from havin absolutely no tolerance at that point, but does smoking old weed get you higher, or would it not be as potent or something?
  2. That movie was so fucking bad. Biggest waste of money this year.
  3. Nah, time doesn't make it more potent but "old" weed always gets me high. I just recently found a slide in my room that was packed but some of the bud was burnt. It was sitting there for more 6 months but it still got me toasted. :D
  4. LMAO at your response. I dont think it would. but you should def check it for mold if you left it out for that long.

  5. agreed.. hopefully rise of the planet of the apes wont disappoint. i think its either gonna be really good or really bad. hopefully its really good
  6. It makes my brain a little krispy.
  7. Currently smoking on some sensi that was grown and cured in the summer of 2009. Went straight from jars after a decent cure to vacuum sealed bag and it still is dank 2 years later. It isn't stronger but I don't feel like it's any weaker either.

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