Smoking oil off of a screen in a glass bowl?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Count Sparkula, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. I smeared a very small amount of oil on a brass screen, then hit it (nothing but the screen w/ the oil on it) and I'm pretty high. Searched this on the forum and found nothing, thoughts?

  2. A screen will do for oil in a pinch, but that method is likely to loose quite a bit of the oil as it turns liquid and runs through the screen.
    Most folk who have to consume oil in a bowl use dry bud as a base, then they smear a dab of oil on top. You can add the dab either before hitting the bowl, or else you can dab on a glob just as the dry bud has a nice cherry... Someone else suggested that second method in another thread, but I can't recall which stoner it was at the moment.
  3. yep, i usually load up a little errl and then just dab it onto a cherrying bowl....ive got a rig but i love that extra oopmh through the beaker haha.
  4. Guys at my dispensary are smearing solventless on a screen, then putting it on their hot domeless nail, as it is not full melt.  Haven't tried it yet.
  5. The best way to do this and get all of the oil in your lungs is to put one screen in there. Load like .2 or .3 of bud, smoke it and push the ash down on the screen. Then you put the wax on the ash and rip it. You get the full hit, full flavor, its pretty awesome. Although it doesn't compare to dabbing

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  6. Or....Uncle Dan's Travel Rig.
    Buy a hookah Charcoal...light it. Put a dab on to the charcole with a dabber, use a straw to suck up the goodness.
    Your Welcome.
  7. If you stack up multiple screens in your bowl it works pretty much the same as a health stone.

    I also just like to clog my pipe with ash, put a dab on it, and hit it upside down. It actually works, gravity keeps the oil right at the surface of the ash and it works amazingly. 

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