Smoking nothing but hash oil

Discussion in 'General' started by FatDutchie, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I started smoking hash oil about a month ago. I grabbed a oil rig and a nice DG fritted perc bong, and just haven't gone back to smoking weed since. I love oil to much.
  2. same I fucking love it, only downside is my tolerance skyrocketed
  3. lmao respect where I'm at hash is the main thing. But hash oil is easy to get but I can't bother getting that.
  4. My buddy gives me a dab every now and then. Shits intense, I love it but it's not as easy to smoke with buddies.
  5. Yeah dude. I ate oil on a cookie and then proceeded to smoke a dab or two.. I started seein double there for a while. Shit was fucked lol
  6. Sounds like fun.
  7. I like concentrates. When I get dry, I just vape the hash I scrape from my wand along with some ABV. I still get high :smoking:
  8. I've never smoked any concentrate or oil
    that will be a good day.. :smoking:

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