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Smoking nothing but dabs lowers my bud tollerance?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RonaldBilius, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Recently I have been smoking only N-tan extracted oils and no buds. Very high in thc. Occasionally I hit the spliff of some mid grade bud but for 3 weeks mainly all I have been smoking is dabs and maybe a gram of bud a week at most.

    Now when I go to rip some bud I get so keyed its stupid. Especially when its some chronic.

    I smoked some raggedy looking outdoor bud and the other day and it had me passing out where I was smoking. All I smoked was a bowl and I think the weed was much better than it looked but damn bud gets me more stoned than oil at times since I haven't been smoking herb much.

    Have you guys noticed this?

    I actually like getting blazed on this bud I have right now more than any oil I have. Its all about the HAzes, they are hella comfortable for daily activities. :smoking:
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    No. Not at all. Dabbing sends your tolerance for buds through the roof. Your situation honestly makes 0 sense, but hey! Don't question a good thing

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  3. Ya same way here I started to dab a bunch and take edibles now bud doesn't hardly hit me until I'm a gram in:(

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    I think some of the oils don't extract certain things so I get more of the stoned feel when I smoke bud. Dabs for me tend to be more heady and less of a stone but it really depends on the dabs.
    For example I smoked a bud that had 17% cbd and 1% thc, it was tested for quality in a lab so it had all the results. I had been smoking lots of dabs went to bed for the night woke up went to work then once I got back I ripped a bowl of the bud that had 1% thc and I got ripped. Its not all about the THC. I didn't feel as head high but I still felt stoned and relaxed. It definitely affected me when I took one hit.
    I think my tolerance to bud was higher when I was actually smoking a lot of bud and occasionally oil.
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    Completely stop smoking weed and buy dank bud occasionally and try to only smoke oils I enjoy smoking weed that way so much more. Smoking weed and oil all the time is backwards. I like to keep it to one or the other.
  6. Could be a sativa dominant oil and an indica dominant flower
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    Oh yeah I have a bunch of Indica dominant meds right now. My bud smells like blueberries when I smoke it girls keep coming by my house to smoke the blueberries it actually makes my house smell fragrant sweet and fruity and thats why these girls keep coming by the bud smells crazy good.
    This bud is much better than most oil and I smoke a lot of medical grade co2s for my chronic pain. Sometimes the high from good organically grown bud can't be beaten. Especially if the nugs are in high concentrations of THC. 1 bowl will be like a dab.
  8. Blueberries are good
  9. You must be smokin some shitty oil. The oil out here in Cali makes a stoner comatose.

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